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    Monday Night RAW - 9.24.2012

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    Monday Night RAW - 9.24.2012 Empty Monday Night RAW - 9.24.2012

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:43 pm

    Monday Night RAW - 9.24.2012 1c62640b

    We've got streams upon streams of fireworks clashing with the HD Stage as the live, eccentric crowd in San Diego, California is alive and on their feet for the intro of Monday Night RAW! “Tonight is the Night” plays throughout the arena as the camera pans through the crowd, allowing some lucky fans to get their signs and likeness on screen! Soon, we flash towards Michael Cole alone at the Broadcast Booth, as Jerry “The King” Lawler is still out on injury!

    Michael Cole: Good evening everyone and welcome to Monday Night RAW, coming to you live tonight from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island! I’m Michael Cole and my broadcast colleague Jerry “The King” Lawler is still out with an injury, and we’re unsure how long it’ll be until King makes his return to the broadcast table! It looks like I’ll be flying solo tonight though, until things get situated after what transpired at the end of the show last week!


    Michael Cole: While WWE Champion CM Punk has been suspended until next Monday’s show on the first of October, his agent Paul Heyman will be here tonight to address the crowd regarding what took place last week. As far as I know, The Miz is in pretty bad shape after that brutal attack with the steel chair last week, and whether or not we’ll see him tonight is anyone’s guess, but I’m being told its not likely.

    John Cena

    “My Time Is Now” hits on the P/A to an overwhelming response, about fifty-fifty from the crowd, but they’re all reacting nonetheless as John Cena, the man who did not appear on RAW last week at all after suffering defeat at the hands of CM Punk at Night of Champions, makes his way into the arena. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, ripping off his t-shirt and throwing it into the crowd as a group of fans reach for it.

    Michael Cole: Talk about a refreshing change of pace, we didn’t see John Cena last week at all following his loss to CM Punk, something he might address tonight, but as for why Cena’s out here, I’m not really sure. It seems these fans here in Providence are about half and half, but no one can deny the fact that this man knows how to get a reaction one way or another!

    [In the ring, Cena grabs a microphone and looks around at the incredibly vocal crowd, waiting for the right moment to speak. Until suddenly, he sits down, cross-legged in the center of the ring, similar to CM Punk, and receives an almost universal pop for doing so.]

    John Cena: Excuse me, sorry, you guys are going to have to bear with me a second, jean shorts don’t make this easy. I don’t, I just don’t understand how in the world anyone could actually be comfortable like this. Alright, alright I think I’m good. So we’re back in the city of Providence. [The cheap pop works effectively.] This is nice; it’s been a while. Not sure where to start. Every day for the past week and a half I’ve been getting phone calls, text messages, hell, even tweets, from fans, friends, and family asking my thoughts and my reaction to the match I had with one CM Punk at Night of Champions. So I wasn’t really sure what kind of response people are looking for because I’m not really sure what to say. Oh wait, maybe that’s wrong. I do know what to say. You see unlike CM Punk, I don’t go around asking for respect. I just go out to the ring and do my thing, simple as that. At Night of Champions I lost to CM Punk fair and square, he pinned me in the center of that ring one, two, three and retained the Title. [The majority of the crowd boos.] Yes, Paul Heyman was ringside and yes, I let myself get distracted with him, but Heyman didn’t get involved in the match and for that reason I am going to sit here and admit that I was beaten by CM Punk. So Punk, congratulations. You won the match. Maybe in the eyes of the WWE Universe, your credibility has improved, and that’s all well and good. However there’s something you still haven’t earned from me and that’s respect. [The crowd pops.] Last week you came out here and tried to trash talk The Miz, a man I know quite well. I’ve had countless matches with the kid; I’ve faced him on RAW, on Smack Down, hell, we main evented Wrestle Mania 27, and he beat me there, too. I’ve been very vocal about a lot of things The Miz has said and done over the years but I can sit here in front of all these people and openly admit that I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man. [A huge pop.] When you won the WWE Championship you made a claim that you were going to bring about change, and how you had been held back and held down for so long that you deserved an opportunity to be the best. You call yourself the “Best in the World” week in and week out, but CM Punk ever since you’ve become the WWE Champion I haven’t seen you do anything but bitch and complain. As much as I disagree with some of the things The Miz has done, the kid went from reality tv star to WWE Champion, to Wrestle Mania Main Eventer, and he worked his ass off to get there! The Miz did TV Show after TV Show, media appearance after media appearance, and it’s like because you’re from Ring of Honor or whatever the hell promotion you wrestled for, you’re entitled to be on top without having to work for a damn thing. I’ve got some news for you Punk; it don’t work that way here. There’s a reason I respect The Miz; I respect The Miz because people have looked down on him since the first day he got here, but he continued to bust his ass to get even the slightest chance, and no matter how many times he got put on the back burner, he just kept working his way up. With what you pulled last week, you nearly ended the kid’s damn career and all just because you needed to pick a fight and pick a spotlight. I tell you what, I agree with what he said; I think the fact that you need Paul Heyman to fight your battles and earn you relevance just shows how far from being the best you really are. Punk, I hope The Miz beats your ass. [There’s a HUGE pop for this as a “Miz” chant fills the arena. John Cena stands up, looking serious now.] Now that brings me to my second point. With everything that’s been going on around here lately, we’ve seen announcers being attacked, superstars being taken out, things are just getting out of control. And whether or not its my duty to address this or not, and this message is straight to the Board of Directors: if you don’t do something to get things back under control so we don’t have to worry about our safety and the safety of all the guys in the back...[He stares into the camera.] I will.

    Michael Cole: Huge words from John Cena! I haven’t seen such passion and intensity from that man in a while, and to hear Cena endorse The Miz the way he just did, that’s not what I was expecting at all! It looks like CM Punk has universally turned the entire Roster against him with his actions as of late, and for Cena to say he still doesn’t have his respect after defeating him, you can guarantee that will strike Punk in a bad way!
    And John Cena’s message to the board of directors, fix things or I will, you can only wonder where that will lead! Monday Night RAW continues to become more unstable by the week, and we can only wonder how much longer until it reaches a breaking point!



    Michael Cole: Speaking of which, we’ve seen Dolph Ziggler appear to head off the deep end himself lately, and tonight, if anything’s going to get his attention, it’s a match with the Big Red Machine! Will we see more of this story with Kane and Daniel Bryan unfold tonight? And will Dolph Ziggler follow up with the brutal attack on Randy Orton last week? All that and more, live tonight on RAW!


    Commercial Break


    Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and again I'm flying solo tonight as far as I know, but I'll do my best to provide thorough and entertaining commentary throughout the night. It's just weird though, with the absence of "The King", as well as Randy Orton who was taken out by Dolph Ziggler last week, and others, I can completely agree with John Cena's statement that things are just getting way too out of hand around here. But Cena made it very clear; either the Board of Directions steps in to take action, or Cena himself will. I'm not sure there's anyone else who could make such a statement without facing huge repercussions, but someone's gotta do something because its like the inmates are running the asylum around here.

    Daniel Bryan

    The crowd pops as "Ride of the Valkyries" hits on the P/A and a very angry-looking Daniel Bryan enters the arena! He makes his way down the ramp, as the fans chant "YES!" and Bryan attempts to pay them no attention, focusing on his anger management lessons.

    Michael Cole: For those of you who might not be too sure as to just how crazy things are around here, this man, Daniel Bryan, is one of the most sane things going on as of late! Daniel Bryan and Kane have been involved in a back and forth struggle to resolve their anger issues through a series of Anger Management classes. This led to a match at Night of Champions, which was cut short by the Prime Time Players as they attacked Kane, only for Daniel Bryan to make the save.

    Kofi Kingston

    It's Trouble in Paradise as the high-flying Kofi Kingston bursts into the arena, full of excitement! His half of the WWE Tag Team Gold is over his shoulder as he "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM"'s some fireworks on the ramp to a big pop before making his way down the ramp to high five a bunch of fans.

    Michael Cole: Despite being a Tag Team Competitor, Kofi Kingston has had some standout singles performances as of late, including a very impressive victory over Tyson Kidd this past Friday Night on Smack Down. Kofi and Daniel Bryan faced one another two weeks ago, but Daniel Bryan snapped under pressure from the fans, as he explained it, and attacked Kofi for the disqualification, which is where this rematch comes into play.


    DING DING! Practicing his good behavior, Bryan offers a handshake to Kofi, ignoring the fans. The WWE Universe cheers Kofi to accept it, though he's understandably reluctant to do so. After a minute, he does, and the crowd pops. Bryan lets go and backs towards the corner, breathing deeply to keep himself under control here. The two lock-up mid ring, and Bryan takes Kofi down with a Side Headlock throw, shifting right to a move that looks almost like a seated Headlock with a bit of a modification thrown in there. Kofi gets a headscissor and throws Bryan to the side as he gets back to his feet.

    Kofi with a right hand, but Bryan ducks it and hits a back kick to the gut. He turns around and goes for a kick to the head, but Kofi ducks under that one. Kofi with a couple of chops to the chest, as the crowd goes along with it. Irish whip off the ropes, and Bryan counters underneath. Bryan rebounds, but Kofi leapfrogs him! Oh, and a side kick from Kofi! Cover, one, two, Bryan kicks out! Kofi goes for a Suplex, but Bryan resists and hits a Suplex of his own! Cover now from Bryan, only a one count though! Both men stand and circle one another, collar-and-elbow tie up here, and Kofi grabs the arm, but Bryan blocks it, tries for the Yes Lock!

    Kofi elbows him in the face, not letting him lock in a move that would almost surely end it here! TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Clocks Bryan in the skull with that kick! The crowd pops huge and Bryan rolls to the outside.

    Michael Cole: Wise move from Daniel Bryan here rolling to the outside to avoid taking a pinfall that almost surely would've ended the match! Even then, Kofi hitting that kick might have been the game-changer! Can Bryan get back in it this as RAW rolls on?


    Commercial Break

    He's classified as a monster...a menacing, destructive in-ring competitor who thrives on competition and will annihilate anything in his path. And now, his path of decimation has led him straight to the World Heavyweight Championship! Now, before the undefeated Ryback battles Alberto del Rio at Vengeance for the World Championship Gold, he must do battle with his biggest opponent yet. Ryback battles Tensai in a clash of monsters! Smack Down! This Friday Night @ 8 only on SyFy!


    Michael Cole: We're back live and through what could best be described as a well-timed move, Daniel Bryan was able to regain control of this shortly, but the action is still on-going as Bryan's up top here!

    Daniel Bryan's perched on the top rope, but Kofi springs to his feet and begins to climb the turnbuckle before Bryan can leap. He hits a few right hands, going for a Superplex, but Bryan holds on, and headbutts Kofi off the top! Kofi falls to the mat, and Bryan waits for him to stand, connects with a Missle Dropkick! Cover from Bryan, one, two, no! Kofi kicks out! There's rage building on Bryan's face; he can feel the anger starting to grow! "NO!" He yells at the Referee; he was sure he had three. "YES! YES! YES!" The crowd chants, mocking Bryan, who can't seem to keep his frustrations under control.

    Bryan exits the ring and grabs a chair. He slides back in with it as the Referee tries to take it from him.

    Michael Cole: Uh-oh, it looks like Daniel Bryan's anger is acting up again! The fans mocking him after such a close call just set him off!

    KOFI WITH THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Kicks the chair right into Bryan's cranium! That's more than enough! One! Two! Three!

    Winner @ 10:00: Kofi Kingston

    Michael Cole: Lights out for Daniel Bryan! Kofi Kingston took advantage and hit that Trouble In Paradise for a second time! That move hurts bad enough on its own, but when you throw a chair into the equation, that's all she wrote! What another huge win for Kofi Kingston tonight! Either way, we're just getting started, so stay with us - we'll be right back!


    Commercial Break


    [We’re back live on RAW, and the fans’ screaming cheers of excitement turn to boos relatively quickly as Matt Striker is backstage with Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, the Prime Time Players.]

    Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen I’m standing by with the Prime Time Players and gentlemen, I spoke with you briefly on Smack Down this past Friday Night and you told the world that you were going to make a statement tonight in regards to Daniel Bryan and Kane. Any way you could clue us in perhaps on what we can expect to see tonight?

    Darren Young: I’m gonna make this real simple for ya, Striker. And even more simple for all these idiots out there in the crowd tonight. [The crowd boos.] The PTP, we’re looked down upon because we ain’t got the experience that everyone else on the Roster has; we’ve only been here for a couple of months and for some reason people think it’s okay to treat us as rookies. Well let me make something clear; Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, we ain’t no rookies. I was part of The Nexus, man. I beat-down people from John Cena to Chris Jericho to The Undertaker [huge pop for the ‘Taker reference], and did so without breaking a sweat. Kane and Daniel Bryan, as far as I’m concerned, are no threat at all. So this is what we’re going to do. Whether or not they’re a team or this is just some sort of crazy, whacked-out attempt at controlling their anger issues, Titus and I, we could care less. We’re all about making an impact. So that’s why we’re issuing a challenge. In three weeks at Vengeance, Daniel Bryan and Kane teaming up to take on the team of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young, the Prime Time Players! While they’re floating around endlessly doing nothing of importance, we gon’ be makin’ Millions of Dollars! Holla!


    Michael Cole: What an interesting development! The Prime Time Players have just laid down the challenge, taking on Kane and Daniel Bryan at Vengeance! But we still don’t know what the situation is between these two men. Are there motives behind Daniel Bryan’s coming to Kane’s aid? And, can the two men put their differences aside long enough to compete in this Match? A story to stay tuned to; and speaking of which…


    Michael Cole: Still to come tonight, Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler will step into the ring with the Big Red Machine, who is more than likely frustrated coming off that loss to Darren Young last week, upset or not! It’s been an action-packed edition of RAW thus far, and I think we can expect one hell of a match given Dolph Ziggler’s recent antics as of late.

    Commercial Break


    [AJ is standing backstage, talking to someone on the phone. She appears to be worried.]

    AJ Lee: Listen, I can’t keep doing this. Everything is falling apart around here! I mean, with Miz last week, and Jack Swagger walking out, Jericho, the whole Kane and Daniel Bryan thing, I’m trying my hardest to fix things and keep them under control but it’s just not working. I don’t know what’s going on, and I just have no idea how I’m supposed to fix any of this. What do you mean? I’m on my own? You can’t be serious. [She throws the phone against the wall with a crazed look of panic in her eyes.]

    Michael Cole: Things continue to get worse for AJ Lee, the RAW General Manager, and she’s always had a bit of a wild-side, but maybe things are getting too crazy even for AJ around here. I agree though; between everything that’s been happening on RAW and Smack Down as of late, someone needs to step in and do something, because what we’ve got right now just isn’t cutting it. I wonder who AJ was talking to there...

    Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

    The crowd pops as the high-flying duo of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel make their way into the arena! They head down the ramp, high-fiving tons of fans before entering the ring and preparing for their upcoming bout…

    Michael Cole: And with all of that out of the way, at least for right now, we focus on some Tag Team Action for a division that has really started to see improvement lately, and with the re-focused emphasis on Tag Team Wrestling, things are looking bright for the Division as a whole!

    Prime Time Players

    The Prime Time Players hit the stage next, goofing around with an arrogance about them, to a solid amount of heat from the WWE Universe. They make their way to the ring, not giving any indication that they take their opponents seriously.

    Michael Cole: The Prime Time Players are determined to make it in the Tag Team Division, but out of the three Championship Matches they’ve had with Kofi Kingston and R Truth, they just haven’t been able to get the job done. I’m still a big fan of both men, and I think with the challenge they issued to Daniel Bryan and Kane, a victory over Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel here would go a long way in establishing credibility towards it.


    Ding Ding! And we’re off! We’ve got Darren Young and Tyson Kidd starting this one for their respective teams, which should make for a nice exchange. The fast-paced Kidd wastes no time getting this one going as he takes Young down with an arm drag. Young, having faced Kidd before, blocks a second one and prevents him from getting that chain of momentum going. A knee to the gut from Young as he goes for a Gutbuster and scores. Cover, one, two, Kidd gets the shoulder up! Both men back up, and Kidd looks for the best way to tackle his somewhat larger opponent. He goes for a Headlock, but Young counters into a Back Drop! Kidd lands on his feet though, and connects with a dropkick to the back! Young stumbles forward onto the ropes. Kidd takes a step back and charges, leaping over the ropes! On the apron, he hits a leg drop to the head to a nice pop!

    Back in the ring, cover, one, two, kickout! A nice display of athleticism, but Darren Young is able to hold on here. Kidd goes for the irish whip, but Young overpowers him, throwing him into the corner. Young follows that up with a Corner Clothesline, and a Snap Scoop Powerslam out of the corner! That’s right into a cover for the one, two, no! Kidd gets the shoulder up. Titus shouts some words of encouragement from the ring apron, telling Young to keep on him. Young hits a few kicks to the abdomen, trying to wear his opponent down to keep the upper hand. Grounded, Kidd finds himself on the receiving end of a Reverse Chinlock, as Young continues to work away at him. Gabriel knows this could be trouble if Kidd can’t find a way out of it. Kidd starts to struggle, and Young locks in a body scissors, putting more pressure on the hold.

    Michael Cole: Really good mat work from Darren Young; he must have watched some tapes or something before the match because going toe-to-toe with Tyson Kidd in this style of wrestling is not something easily accomplished. Kidd’s gonna have to find a way out of this!

    Gabriel gets a chant going for his partner as Darren Young, determined look on his face, does everything in his power to keep Kidd from reaching the ropes. Kidd can hear the cheering – he can feel the momentum starting to build! The ropes are oh-so-close, and he knows he can reach them! And through some awesome power, Kidd makes his way towards the ropes, reaching as Darren Young desperately tries to hold on! Kidd’s about to get ‘em, but Young decides to let go and hits a huge axe handle to the back! Kidd drops to the mat as Young breathes a sigh of relief and drags him towards the corner, making the tag to his Tag Team Partner. O’Neil enters the ring and the two go for a Double Suplex as the Referee begins his count, threatening a disqualification! It hits though, and Young exits the ring as O’Neil goes for a cover here! One, two, no! Gabriel almost enters the ring, but the Referee stops him as Darren Young takes advantage with a cheap shot, hitting a few kicks to the gut before stepping back onto the ring apron.

    “Millions of Dollars!” PTP yells to the crowd, getting some solid heat as Titus grabs the much smaller Tyson Kidd and lifts him up for a Military Press Slam. Kidd with a little fight left in him tries to struggle, but finds it difficult to move much at all! O’Neil goes for it, but Kidd somehow slips out, landing on his feet! And he blasts O’Neil with a Crescent Kick!

    Michael Cole: Did you hear that?! The snap of that kick was incredible! Tyson Kidd just created an opening, but can he make it to the corner?!

    “Tyson” chants fill the arena as Gabriel is roaring for a hot tag! Tyson crawls for it, so close, O’Neil manages to make the tag to Young who rushes in to break it up, but to no avail! Tyson scores the hot tag and Gabriel leaps over the ropes in a flurry of offense, firing away with a series of right hands at Young before grounding him with a big dropkick! He runs to the corner to knock O’Neil off the apron, but Titus wisely ducks down! Young tries a sneak attack while Gabriel is near the corner, but he dodges it! And Gabriel scores with a Pele Kick! The crowd pops huge! Gabriel to the ring apron, climbs to the top, this could do it here! Titus tries to intervene, but the Referee scolds him, which allows Young enough time to crotch Gabriel on the top rope! Young gets him in a Fireman’s Carry, and hits the GUT CHECK! Thanks to the distraction from Titus, Young might do it here! One, two, three!

    Winners @ 11:20: Prime Time Players

    Michael Cole: And the Prime Time Players steal a victory! Not to discredit an awesome effort from Kidd and Gabriel, but I’m starting to believe these guys are really focused now and maybe those losses actually helped to get them back on track! A big win tonight for these two! Will we hear any more from Daniel Bryan and Kane tonight regarding their challenge?


    Michael Cole: It was one of the most brutal attacks we’ve seen on RAW in years as WWE Champion CM Punk assaulted The Miz, as the Intercontinental Champion had been doing commentary with me throughout the night and made some comments that didn’t sit so well with Punk. I’m a fan of CM Punk, but I’ll be the first to say he crossed a line last week, and as such has been suspended until the 1st of the month, meaning he’ll be eligible to appear on RAW next week! But tonight, his agent Paul Heyman will address the WWE Universe regarding Punk’s actions, and perhaps we’ll get some information on the Title situation for Vengeance as well. That’s still to come!


    Commercial Break


    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW and folks during the commercial break, I was informed that RAW General Manager AJ Lee left the building in a fit of rage. No one really knows why, although it’s assumed that the pressure is just getting to her, but regardless of that fact, RAW is now without an Authority Figure as the night rolls on and I hope we’ll be able to keep things under control.

    Heath Slater

    “One Man Band” hits on the P/A and Heath Slater makes his way into the arena, with a microphone in hand, but dressed in ring attire as he is scheduled to compete tonight.

    Heath Slater: Cut my music, cut my music, I’ve got something to say! [The crowd boos.] All this week I’ve heard so much whining and complaining about what happened to The Miz last week, but who does the man have to blame other than himself? That’s what happens when you mess with the One Man Band! Even if I can’t physically get my hands on you, karma will, because I’m just that awesome! Now tonight, after I was embarrassed and disrespected last week, I’m frustrated, and I’m ready to take out my anger on the first person that walks through that curtain! This is an open challenge for anyone ready to be on the receiving end of some pent-up aggression!


    "It's a Shameful thing!" Sheamus' music hits on the P/A to a huge pop as the Celtic Warrior makes his way onto the stage, arms outward, letting out a huge roar as he's ready to take out his frustrations in the ring tonight! As the Irish-green lighting fills the arena, Sheamus makes his way down the ramp, stopping to hand some beads to a young kid in the front row.

    Michael Cole: You want to talk about pent-up frustration, look no further than that man, Sheamus! Just over a week ago Sheamus was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship by Alberto del Rio, and then told he wouldn’t be receiving a rematch! On top of that, the Brogue Kick is still a banned finishing move, and Sheamus was beaten down by Wade Barrett last week! I know one thing, I wouldn’t want to be Heath Slater right about now!


    Ding Ding! The bell rings and the match gets underway as Heath Slater tries to trash talk a frustrated Sheamus, who has no words of his own. Slater gets in his face, but Sheamus forces him into the corner with the palm of his hand. Tries to follow up, but Slater ducks out of the corner by the skin of his teeth. Doesn’t really matter though, as Sheamus turns around and blasts him with a Clothesline impactful enough to take his head off! The crowd pops huge as Sheamus taunts in the center of the ring – he’s not in a playing mood tonight. Slater, dazed, tries to stand, but Sheamus sends him right back to the mat with a painful IRISH CURSE! Sheamus heads to the corner, looking like he’d like to perform the Brogue Kick, a finishing move which is still banned!

    Michael Cole: Now come on Sheamus, don’t do something stupid! He can’t use this maneuver, it was banned by Booker T before Night of Champions, and even though he’s no longer the Champion, I’m sure there are some repercussions he could face here!

    Sheamus starts a “BROGUE” chant as the fans are more than ready to see the move, despite the rules. Slater stands and Sheamus nails it! BROGUE KICK! A clear violation of Booker T’s orders, but that’s not going to stop the match from ending! Cover, one, two, three, and that’s it for Heath Slater!

    Winner @ 2:00: Sheamus

    Michael Cole: The One-Man Band just got played a tune, but I’m not sure it’s one liked, despite the fact that his ears are probably ringing! Sheamus hit that Brogue Kick despite its banning, but there’s no authority figure here on RAW to even do anything about it! One has to wonder if he’ll face repercussions this Friday Night on Smack Down, but – wait a minute here!

    [It appears Sheamus isn’t done, as Slater starts to stand, and the Celtic Warrior hits him with a second BROGUE KICK! The crowd pops huge! Sheamus exits the ring and grabs a microphone.]

    Sheamus: I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Wade Barrett, you want to pick a fight with me? Take a look at Heath Slater, fella. And I didn’t even break a sweat. [The crowd pops again as Sheamus throws the microphone onto the floor and his music begins to play again.]

    Michael Cole: Very few words from Sheamus, but I think it’s safe to say Wade Barrett might have gotten the message. If these two men end up locking up, we could be in for one hell of a brawl; I imagine at this point it won’t take much for things to become very personal between them.


    Commercial Break


    [Backstage, Heath Slater is heading towards the parking lot as he accidentally stumbles into an individual talking on the phone. The camera zooms out to reveal a man, clad in a leather jacket and cheetah print pants. The fans are unfamiliar with him, as is Slater, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to the One Man Band.]

    Heath Slater: Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are getting in my way? Do you know who I am? I’m the One Man Band, baby! I’m the toughest s.o.b in this place, did you see what just happened to me out there? And I’m angry, so you better move it or I’ll lay you out!

    Benny “The Jet” Idol: Whoa man, calm yourself. I’m perfectly aware of who you are. But do you know who I am? [Slater looks confused.] Huh? Do ya? Do ya? Didn’t think so. The name’s Benny Idol, but you can call me The Jet. Woo! And I’m about to rain down upon the WWE Universe! You may not know me yet, but you’ll know me much better next week! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a ride to catch! Haha! Sheesh, people are crazy around here...

    [Benny Idol walks away, leaving Slater somewhat confused and even more annoyed.]

    Michael Cole: I have to agree with the man’s assessment! Things really are crazy around here! We’ll see the Debut of that man, Benny Idol next week if his words are any indication! But coming up next, I think the time for laughter is over.


    Michael Cole: Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a twisted, sadistic side of Dolph Ziggler that many believe stemmed from his obsession with defeating and injuring Randy Orton, and well, he’s succeeded in that goal. Randy Orton thanks to Ziggler suffered a broken arm last week and will miss an indefinite amount of time. But coming up next, if Ziggler wants to be a monster, he’s going to have his work cut out for him as he steps in the ring with the Big Red Machine, Kane! Our Main Event is next!


    Commercial Break



    We're back live, and the red lighting of the Big Red Monster fills the arena as streams of fire shoot out from the stage, to an overwhelmingly positive crowd reaction as Kane makes his way into the arena.

    Michael Cole: It’s been really weird calling the show on my own tonight, but I want to thank all of you for tuning in and sticking with me throughout the night, and hopefully next week we’ll have someone else out here, but with the way things have been going as of late, I’m not sure it’s even safe to count on that. So, the best advice I can offer is just check back and see what happens!

    Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero)

    “Mr. Money in the Bank” enters the arena to major heat with heat magnet Vickie Guerrero at his side, cocky and arrogant as ever, but with a look in his eye that suggests he’s planning to send a message tonight.

    MAIN EVENT MATCH – KANE vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero)

    Ding Ding! The bell rings to get this bout underway, and the Big Red Machine is showing no signs of intimidation, nor of an injury to that left leg after it was heavily targeted during his bout with Darren Young. Ziggler's no slacker, nor is he a stranger to the Main Event. He knows how to handle an opponent that might pose more of a threat to him than the average competitor, but at the same time, Kane's not in the best of moods, and even Ziggler is aware that could be a problem. He tries to size up the big man, looking for an opening as he's not sure the best method of attack. A loud, very vocal "Kane" chant fills the arena, without the Big Red Machine prompting it at all.

    The two lock-up in the center of the ring, and to no one's surprise, Kane overpowers Ziggler, forcing him into the corner. A few shots to the gut, and Kane throws Ziggler to the opposite side of the ring with an irish whip. Kane hits a huge Corner Clothesline, not even giving Ziggler a chance to counter! The Perfectionist stumbles out of the corner and Kane throws him over the shoulders with a Back Body Drop! He stands and Kane tries for a throat thrust, but Ziggler's smart enough to see it coming, and he ducks out of the ring to recover. Vickie Guerrero comes to check on him to plenty of heat from the crowd, but Kane's not going to just sit and wait.

    He steps over the ropes onto the ring apron, but before he can get both legs over, Ziggler jumps onto the apron and hits him with a kick to the head! Kane, still on his feet but woozy, staggers in the ring as Ziggler climbs to the top rope! Ziggler hits a Missle Dropkick! Cover, could pull off an upset here! One! Two! Kane gets the shoulder up! Ziggler's frustrated and it shows as he goes to work on Kane with right hand after right hand to the chest as Vickie Guerrero watches on with a smile. Ziggler waits until Kane sits up, then takes a step back. He runs forward and somersaults over Kane, pulling his head down in the process! Cover again, one, two, no! Kane gets the shoulder up!

    Michael Cole: Dolph Ziggler resorting to a technical style here, but I'm not sure that's the best way to go about trying to pick apart Kane; especially not when it appears the Big Red Monster isn't in the best of moods tonight!

    Ziggler climbs to the top rope and tries a second Missle Dropkick, but Kane counters with a throat thrust in mid-air! Ziggler sells it like he's been shot as he flops to the mat and the crowd pops huge! Kane exits to the ring apron and makes his way to the top rope! Here it comes! DIVING CLOTHESLINE! All three-hundred and twenty six pounds of Kane come crashing down on Ziggler! Cover, one, two, three--no! Dolph Ziggler kicks out and Vickie Guerrero breathes a sigh of relief. But she shouldn't yet, as Kane motions for a Chokeslam! The crowd cheers along with it as Ziggler stands, dazed from the top rope attack, and Kane grabs him by the throat! CHOKESLAM! That's gonna do it! One, two, three--NO! ZIGGLER KICKS OUT! Kane can't believe it!

    Michael Cole: Did i just see that?! Dolph Ziggler somehow, someway just kicked out of that Chokeslam! Kane's beside himself, and who can blame him?! Wow, what a performance we're seeing from both men here!

    Ziggler gets to his feet, not sure of where he is, but his resiliency is more than obvious after being able to kick out there. Kane, not really knowing where to go from here, tries for a Running Powerslam, but Ziggler slips out of it, and dropkicks Kane into the corner! He follows that up with a Stinger Splash, sending the Big Red Machine reeling! And Ziggler into the SLEEPER HOLD! Uh-oh, he's on Kane's shoulders almost and he's got this locked in tight! But Kane's not going to give him the chance to bring him down, as he throws Ziggler over his shoulders and slams him into the mat!

    Kane goes for a Big Boot but Ziggler ducks under it! Scores with a Super Kick! But it's not enough to take the monster down! Up next with the ZIG-ZAG! Ziggler hits it! And here we go! One! Two! Three--NO! It's Kane who kicks out this time, and the fans can't believe their eyes! And Kane sits up! Ziggler tries something - he's not really sure what - but Kane grabs him by the throat! It's like Kane's hitting a second gear! CHOKESLAM!

    Cover for the one, two, three!

    Winner @ 15:28: Kane

    Michael Cole: That was almost surreal what we just saw there! Ziggler hit both of his finishing moves in a sequence, and not only was it not enough to put Kane away, but somehow it unleashed some kind of inner strength inside the Big Red Machine, revitalizing him. What is it we've seen from Kane tonight, taking a page of out his brother, The Undertaker's playbook...

    [Kane signals for his pyro in the center of the ring as Vickie Guerrero gets Ziggler out of the ring and hands him the Money in the Bank Briefcase.]

    Michael Cole: Either way, we just saw one hell of a match between two great competitors, and if this renewed and refreshed Kane is any indication, the Prime Time Players might have made a mistake in issuing this challenge. It appears that Ziggler brought out something in Kane we haven't seem from him in quite some time.


    Michael Cole: It's what we've been waiting for all night in some cases: some answers. I've mentioned a few times already tonight but for those of you just tuning in, WWE Champion CM Punk has been suspended until October 1st as a result of his actions against WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz last week on RAW. It all stemmed from The Miz making comments that Punk claims "didn't sit well with him", and as such decided to take appropriate action. At the beginning of the show we were told that CM Punk's "agent", Paul Heyman would address the WWE Universe on behalf of Punk himself with an explanation for his actions. I've just received word that Paul Heyman has arrived and so as we go to our final commercial break, stick with us, because when we come back, we'll hopefully get the answers we've been looking for.


    Commercial Break


    Michael Cole: Welcome back, and we'd like to thank The Veer Union for "Seasons", the official theme of WWE's Vengeance! The Pay-Per-View takes place live on Sunday, October 16 at 8 PM, and it's shaping up to be one hell of a show.

    VENGEANCE -- ALBERTO DEL RIO (c) vs. RYBACK [World Heavyweight Championship]

    Michael Cole: I've been a big supporter of Alberto del Rio and he's finally won the big one in a way that some are calling "for real this time", but will his reign be just as short-lived as the previous two? Del Rio wanted to take a vacation and have the night off for the Pay-Per-View, but Smack Down GM Booker T forced him to compete in a Gauntlet Match, saying that if he won, well, he could take his vacation then. However if he were to lose, he'd have to defend the World Title against whoever it was that defeated him. And while Del Rio outlasted the first two competitors, he was no match for a completely fresh Ryback, who takes his undefeated streak to Vengeance as he looks to win his first Championship here in the WWE.

    VENGEANCE -- ANTONIO CESARO (c) vs. BRODUS CLAY [WWE United States Championship

    Michael Cole: Here we go with another match that definitely puts the Champion up against some unfavorable odds. Antonio Cesaro has been impressive since winning the United States Title, but he's never stepped into the ring with a man like Brodus Clay. Say what you will about the Funkasaurus, but when that bell rings, the time for fun and games is over, and Brodus is an absolute machine. I'd like to see Cesaro retain but he's going to have to devise a strategy if he hopes to do.


    [url=]Paul Heyman[/url]

    Without a doubt the loudest heat of the night award goes to Paul Heyman as the devious man enters the arena, dressed in a black suit. He makes his way to the ring ignoring all of the fans as he's not there to make friends.

    Michael Cole: And here we go. Paul Heyman doesn't look like he wants to be here tonight based on the way he's rushing to the ring like that. I'm wondering just how much of an answer or an explanation we'll get from Heyman here.

    ["You Suck!" chants fill the arena as far as the eye can see, but Heyman doesn't seem to be affected.]

    Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your attention. For those of you unfamiliar with me, my name is Paul Heyman, and my client CM Punk has come under fire as a result of his actions last week on RAW. [More boos.] Now first off all let me make it perfectly clear that these accusations and criticisms are beyond ridiculous; CM Punk acted no different than any other individual in his position would; as a man of integrity, Punk has worked very, very hard to earn himself respect, the respect a man of his level deserves. What happened last week, and whose to blame for it, well that rests solely on The Miz. [Crowd pops.] Oh yeah, of course you'll all cheer him now, which is nothing but irony on the part of the WWE Universe, something we've all come to be quite familiar with. But that's beside the point. You see the blame is placed on The Miz because the man committed an act of slander last week. As the temporary voice of the people and the voice that millions of people watching at home will hear, The Miz accused CM Punk of not being able to compete on his own, and needing my help to hold onto his Championship. On top of that, The Miz also stated that CM Punk sold out for some DVD's and criticized the fact that he assaulted an announcer. Now my client will address these points next week after he was unfairly suspended for defending himself, but the amount of hypocrisy demonstrated on behalf of The Miz is nothing but a disrespect to both CM Punk and the WWE Championship. Punk is the Champion of the people, and in a sense The Miz is also disrespecting each and every one of you by disrespecting my client. [The boos get louder as Heyman's rambling continues.] In regards to a potential match with The Miz, my client would like me to inform all of you that such a thing will NOT happen, as my client feels as though such a thing is a safety risk. He feels that with a personal bias involved, his health is at risk and thus the WWE Championship as well, and such a situation is not fair. With that in mind, I'll take my leave, and allow CM Punk to explain the rest next we--

    [Out of nowhere, the crowd goes from insane heat to major cheers, and Heyman stops talking because of it. He looks around, as does the camera, to reveal The Miz in the crowd! Not looking great as his shoulder is bandaged up, Miz walks through the WWE Universe, with tons of fans screaming and cheering as they pat him on the back.]

    Michael Cole: The Miz is here! There was a lot of speculation he'd be too injured to appear tonight, but that couldn't have been more wrong! Paul Heyman looks as though he's seen a ghost!

    [Miz makes his way through the crowd and down towards the ring as Paul Heyman quickly exits and hurries to the back to tons and tons of heat just as Miz climbs over the barricade and towards the ring.]

    Michael Cole: And Paul Heyman wisely getting out of harm's way! I wouldn't want to be in the ring with The Miz right now, either, as Paul Heyman is representation of CM Punk!

    ["Miz!" chants fill the arena as the Intercontinental Champion stares a hole through Heyman, who is standing on the stage. Knowing he's a safe distance away, Heyman smiles a sinister smile.]

    Michael Cole: Paul Heyman should consider himself lucky, because I'd like to think The Miz wouldn't have been so kind.

    John Cena

    Michael Cole: Wait a minute!! Is this what I think it is?!

    [Paul Heyman's eyes are those of a man who finds himself between a rock and a hard place as John Cena's music hits on the TitanTron, and the former WWE Champion walks out from the back to an almost universal pop. Heyman turns around and tries to plead with Cena, whose not having any of it.]

    Michael Cole: John Cena! Cena tore down CM Punk at the start of the program tonight, and it looks like he's about to get retribution on the man who arguably cost him the match this past Sunday Night of Champions!

    [Heyman backs up the ramp as Cena continues walking, a smile on his face, and Miz stands in the ring. Heyman tries to negotiate with Cena, but Cena lifts him onto his shoulders for the AA! Cena climbs the ring steps with Heyman on shoulders - ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT into the ring! A tremendous pop for Cena as he nods his head at the Miz, mouthing "he's all yours". Miz flashes a smile and waits for Heyman to stand; SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE!]

    Michael Cole: The Skull-Crushing Finale! And unfortunately, I can't feel any sympathy towards Heyman tonight after what we saw last week; The Miz is entirely justified in his actions here tonight! This crowd has come unglued!

    The Miz: Hey Paul, you're the representative for CM Punk, right? Well, tell him I just got off the phone with Vince McMahon, and I'll see him at Vengeance.

    ["I Came to Play" hits on the P/A as The Miz drops to his knees and stares into the camera.]

    Michael Cole: The look in The Miz's eyes tells a story, and talk about a bombshell announcement! By orders of Vince McMahon, CM Punk will do battle with The Miz at Vengeance! I certainly didn't expect to be saying this at the start of the show!

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