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    Monday Night RAW - 9.17.2012

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    Monday Night RAW - 9.17.2012  Empty Monday Night RAW - 9.17.2012

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:27 am

    Monday Night RAW - 9.17.2012  1c62640b

    We've got streams upon streams of fireworks clashing with the HD Stage as the live, eccentric crowd in San Diego, California is alive and on their feet for the intro of Monday Night RAW, just one night removed from a historic Night of Champions Pay-Per-View Event! “Tonight is the Night” plays throughout the arena as the camera pans through the crowd, allowing some lucky fans to get their signs and likeness on screen! Soon, we flash towards Michael Cole alone at the Broadcast Booth, as Jerry “The King” Lawler is still out on injury!

    Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night RAW! I am your host, Michael Cole and as you can see, I'm still flying solo out here as my broadcast colleague Jerry Lawler continues to recoup from the throat injury he suffered at the hands of WWE Champion CM Punk.

    As much as “The King” and I have our differences, I am a bit troubled by the fact that his recovery has taken a total of three weeks now for something that didn't look to be as serious as we once thought, but we'll try and get an update on Lawler's condition later tonight. I'm told I'll be joined by a Guest Commentator once again tonight, though I'm not sure who, but before that, let's take a look at tonight's Main Event, fresh off the heels of last night's historic Night of Champions Pay-Per-View!

    TONIGHT: CM Punk vs. Sheamus

    In what many people are calling the biggest upset in a while, Alberto del Rio was able to defeat Sheamus last night and lay claim to the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in his career, but if Sheamus' actions after the match are any indication, this feud isn't quite over yet. Now folks this is a match we were supposed to get a few weeks ago, only for CM Punk to walk out in his own hometown of Chicago, refusing the challenge. Tonight it's on once again, and Paul Heyman, Punk's representative has assured us that the WWE Champion will in fact be here tonight after scoring a victory over John Cena last night.

    With Cole's words, the camera pans to the TitanTron and stage, where the amped-crowd is quiet for a moment as they await the kick-off to the show.

    Heath Slater

    “One Man Band” hits on the P/A, getting an already off-start to this show which seems less than normal due to the King's absence. Heath Slater makes his way into the arena, dressed in a button-down shirt, and it appears he's not out here to be competing tonight, though his arrogance earns him plenty of heat from the ruckus crowd.

    Michael Cole: Here's a man who has seen...well, not as much success as he'd like to as of late. I'm a big fan of Heath Slater, but the guy just can't seem to catch a break. Let's hear what he has to say, it's not often we see someone of Slater's caliber open the show.

    Heath Slater: So ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else here in this wonderful town of San Diego, welcome to the most monumental Monday Night RAW you will ever have the honor of attending! [He pauses to no crowd reaction.] What makes it so monumental, you ask? I'll tell you! Tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW will feature the “One Man Band” making his commentary debut! [Slater smiles, pulling the microphone away from his mouth as the fans begin to boo.] You see, while Jerry “The King” Lawler continues to recover, the Board of Directors has taken the liberty of appointing a different Guest Commentator every week, and tonight, because of my awesome potential and absolutely wonderful on-screen presence, they've chosen me to join Michael Cole at ringside! It's a shame those of you here tonight won't be able to hear my wonderful insight, but I promise, it'll be available on YouTube with thousands upon thousands of views, I'll be trending on Twitter, you can Tout about me, either way, by the end of the night, it won't be people talking about CM Punk or John Cena, it'll be people talking about the Guest Commentator! [“You suck” chants fill the arena, building from one end of the crowd to the other.] Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a job to do!

    Michael Cole: Well, it looks like that answers my earlier question, I'll be joined by Heath Slater tonight! That should make for some fantastic discussion!

    The Miz

    As Slater is about to exit the ring and head over to the Announce Desk, “I Came to Play” hits on the P/A, as the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, makes his way into the arena. The crowd reacts relatively favorable to him, if only because he's making it a point to interrupt Slater, who hasn't done himself any favors with the WWE Universe.

    Michael Cole: This is a bit unexpected; we saw The Miz in action last night as he successfully retained the Championship against Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Cody Rhodes in Fatal Four Way. On top of that, Miz was the first of these “guest commentators” I've had over the past couple of weeks, but I'm a bit let-down, I was looking forward to having a conversation with Heath Slater.

    The Miz: Wait a minute, hold the phones, stop the presses, this is a joke, right? [Miz climbs onto the ring apron, entering the ring.] Have we really run out of capable and acceptable superstars or personalities that they've resorted to putting you on the air for two hours? I don't even like the WWE Universe but I sympathize with these poor people for having to put up with that. The mere thought of it gives me headaches.

    Heath Slater: Oh, you think that's funny, huh? Yeah real hilarious, coming out here and trying to get under my skin and mimic me, but let me tell you something Miz, ain't nobody gonna get under the skin of the One Man Band, baby! No matter how many times they try and put me down, I just come back stronger, and with this opportunity tonight, all of my hard work is beginning to pay off. So if you'd be so kind as to leave the ring, I've got a job to do tonight.

    The Miz: Really? [The crowd echoes him.] Really? [They do it once more as Miz gets in Slater's face.] I'd like to make something perfectly clear to you, I am the WWE Intercontinental Champion! I went through three other superstars last night far more competent than you, and even they didn't stand a chance against me. If there's anyone the people want to sit and listen to, it's The Miz! [The crowd boos.] So why don't you scurry on off to the back and let a deserving man get the spotlight I deserve?

    [Slater tries to catch Miz off guard, swinging for his face with the microphone, but Miz sees it coming, knocking the microphone out of his hand. Miz hooks the arms; SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE! Street clothes and all, Slater face plants the mat to a relatively surprising pop from the crowd.]

    Michael Cole: Well, it looks like Slater might have to put his announcing duties on hold tonight! This is an interesting development, but I can't say I'm surprised by the whole thing, either. It appears I'm going to be joined on commentary by the Intercontinental Champion after the break, but ladies and gentlemen stay tuned because when we return, 'The Viper' Randy Orton will be in action, and it should be interesting to see his mood coming off his frustrating loss to 'Mr. Money in the Bank' Dolph Ziggler last night at Night of Champions! That's next!





    Michael Cole: Welcome back folks, and I'm being joined at ringside by The Miz, who decided well, he was more suited for the job than Heath Slater tonight, apparently.

    The Miz: You know it, Michael. Let's face it, whether or not these people love me or hate me, they'd rather listen to me than Slater, am I wrong?

    Michael Cole: I guess I'll refrain from comments to avoid affecting either party, but focusing on more important matters right now, last night at Night of Champions we got what was supposed to be the Rubber Match between Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton, a match that Ziggler himself requested. With both men tied in competition against one another, things appeared to be setting up for the conclusion of the feud, but with Dolph Ziggler's somewhat questionable victory last night, using interference from Vickie Guerrero to avoid defeat, caused Orton to snap last night, taking out his frustrations on Ziggler with not one, but two RKO's.

    The Miz: You know something, I can't really feel bad for Ziggler in this case. Both men are talented performers, but Ziggler brought it on himself by needing all sorts of outside interference to grab the victory. When I was competing for the World Championship, and even when I defended that Title against Randy Orton, I didn't need any sort of interference to win, I won because I'm just that good.

    Michael Cole: I seem to recall heavy involvement from Nexus at the time, but we won't go there.

    The Miz: A wise choice, sir. That said, let's get to it; we've got Orton's opponent JTG in the ring, and JTG claims he's been extremely underutilized as of late. Perhaps scoring a win over Orton, no not perhaps, without a doubt, a win over Randy Orton would definitely make him stand-out, almost as much as a win over yours truly.

    Randy Orton

    The crowd nearly comes unglued as “Voices” hits on the loudspeaker, an off-red light covering the arena as WWE's Apex Predator makes his way into the arena, noticeably frustrated coming off an important defeat just twenty-four hours ago. He high-fives a few younger fans in the front row, but his mind is clearly still on Dolph Ziggler.

    The Miz: Orton needs to be careful here, because if he doesn't stay focused on the fact that he's in the ring with a hungry competitor in JTG, he might find himself on the receiving end of a huge upset.

    Michael Cole: I couldn't have said it better myself, and it should be interesting to see if Orton's anger plays into this.

    FIRST MATCH -- RANDY ORTON vs. JTG [Non-Title]

    DING DING! The bell rings and we're underway as JTG searches for the best way to get things going. He's familiar with Orton's style in the ring and knows that once the Apex Predator gains the upper hand, it's going to be difficult to combat him and build any offense. Orton goes for a right hand, but JTG's quick to dodge, running the ropes. He takes Orton down with a chop block to the right knee, catching him off guard ever so slightly. Tries a few stomps to the leg, and Orton's quick to roll out of the way, towards the ropes. JTG persists, staying right on him, but Orton pushes him backwards. Orton gets to his feet, and blasts JTG with a right hook, dropping him to one knee. Orton goes for a Suplex, but JTG manages to hold on. He counters into a Suplex of his own, as Orton lands on his feet. And Orton with the Horizontal Backbreaker! The crowd pops for the signature spot as Orton goes for a cover! One, two, no! JTG's able to kick out. Both superstars stand as Orton remains on the offense with a kick to the gut, followed by a repeated series of blows to the back. Irish whip into the ropes, and JTG reverses it! JTG runs the ropes, and Orton catches him with a huge Snap Powerslam!

    The Viper gets to his feet, and he's going to that special place! Orton drops to the mat, poised to strike! He slams the mat as JTG starts to stand, and the crowd knows what's coming next! It seems JTG does too, as Orton goes for the RKO but finds himself pushed into the corner! Orton rests in the corner for a moment as JTG charges at him. Oh, and Orton dodges out of the way! JTG goes for a Clothesline, but Orton ducks it! RKO! Out of nowhere! Hooks the legs, and that's more than going to bring an end to this one! One! Two! Three!

    Winner @ 2:30: Randy Orton

    The Miz: As much as I respect JTG's efforts here, with offense like that he didn't stand a chance against Orton who is just on top of his game tonight. I'm not one to compliment others, but I know a dominant performance when I see one. A hell of a display.

    Michael Cole: And wait, it looks like JTG's got something to say to Orton here.

    [The two men stand face-to-face, Orton breathing heavily as he catches his breath, recovering from the adrenaline rush of victory. JTG starts to talk smack to Orton, who no-sells it, standing in place. Yelling and berating the Viper, JTG earns some heat from the crowd. "You disrespecting me?!" JTG yells once more, this time slapping Orton in the face at the lack of a response.]

    The Miz: Oh come on now, you can't possibly be serious. JTG just...is he really that much of an idiot?

    [The crowd "oohs" the slap, and Orton becomes visibly frustrated, as JTG continues to get in his face. RKO! Orton hits a second one! He's just lost it here! As JTG lays flat on the mat, Orton exits the ring, grabbing a steel chair much to the chagrin of the crowd. He snaps it shut and rolls into the ring.]

    Michael Cole: Uh-oh, Randy Orton's going to that place now, that place he very rarely goes, but when he does, it clearly spells trouble! We need to get some officials out here to break this up before it ends even more badly for JTG!

    The Miz: The man brought this on himself, why in the world would you slap an already angry Randy Orton? I don't even understand the logic behind such a stupid decision!

    [Orton holds the chair above his head, prepared to blast JTG with the chair, and the crowd begins to react much more loudly as Dolph Ziggler hits the ring through the crowd! Before Orton can respond, Ziggler scores with a low blow, catching Orton completely off-guard! He drops to his knees, dropping the chair in the process. Ziggler stands, eyeing Orton with a mocking smile on his face; and Ziggler hits a Fame-Asser on the chair!]

    The Miz: Now this is the kind of assertion that makes Dolph Ziggler such an up and coming threat! Despite Orton's rage and frustration, Ziggler yet again gains the upper hand, and that move looked brutal!

    Michael Cole: This rivalry just gets worse and worse, and Ziggler said it himself; it's about proving he's the best. But I'm not sure Orton's even on that level anymore; this has definitely become personal.

    The Miz: I wouldn't speak too soon Cole; it looks like Ziggler's not done!

    [Orton starts to stand, the crowd willing him on, but Ziggler hovers over him, MITB Briefcase in hand. As Orton gets to his feet, Ziggler blasts him in the head with the briefcase, causing a huge indent in the briefcase. And Orton's been busted open here! Ziggler throws the briefcase down, stomping a mudhole in a near defenseless Orton. "Are you still the better one now Randy?! Where's the Viper now?!" The crowd boos like crazy, as Ziggler continues the assault paying them no attention at all. "You Suck" chants fill the arena. Ziggler looks towards Orton's chair, and picks it up. As Vickie Guerrero watches on, Ziggler blasts
    Orton's right arm with the chair, absolutely smashing him! He looks again, then slams it a second time as Orton writhes on the mat in pain.]

    Michael Cole: Ziggler has absolutely snapped! This is something we'd normally see from Orton, but it looks like Ziggler has the upper hand in this scenario, too! Enough is enough, the man's defenseless!

    The Miz: I can almost agree with you, Cole. It looks like Orton's arm might have been dislocated from that last shot, and that crazed look in Ziggler's eyes suggests he might have finally overcome this desire to prove himself as better than Orton. If I were the World Heavyweight Champion, I'd watch out right now, because Dolph Ziggler is just not thinking with a clear head right now. I haven't seen someone handle Randy Orton like that in as long as I can remember.

    Trainers hit the ring to help Orton to his feet, but he can barely stand. With blood dripping down his forehead, the Viper gets cheers of support from the crowd, but he doesn't even know where he's at.

    Michael Cole: As trainers are helping Randy Orton to the back, this is just an uncomfortable situation, the personal level of this feud is just crazy; it's more than that now. Randy Orton can barely walk and it looks like he's favoring that right arm...we'll have to get an update on this after the break, but this is not how I expected things to kick off tonight.


    Commercial Break


    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, and what we witnessed before the break was just something we haven't seen in quite some time, a relentless attack on Randy Orton at the hands of Dolph Ziggler, and while I firmly believe we haven't seen the end of this feud, doctors are speculating that those chair shots to Orton's arm might have broken it in two places. He's scheduled to undergo a more thorough evaluation as the show continues, so we'll have an update later on, but things aren't looking good for Randy Orton right now.

    The Miz: I thought for sure we'd see Orton standing tall tonight, especially after such a clean victory over JTG, but Dolph Ziggler continues to get the upper hand and tonight, I think it's safe to say the message was sent loud and clear. If Ziggler puts Orton out of action, regardless of how long, it'll be a huge accomplishment.


    We cut to backstage where Matt Striker is trying to catch a word with Dolph Ziggler, as he and Vickie Guerrero are making their way out of the arena.

    Matt Striker: Excuse me, excuse me, Dolph, Vickie, after what we just saw happen out in the ring, are you at all worried about Randy Orton's attempts to rebuttal?

    Dolph Ziggler: Worried? [Ziggler stares into the camera.] I have no reason to worry. I've beaten Orton twice now, but what was really important was proving to Orton that he's not on my level. These people and Randy Orton weren't taking me seriously before, but Striker, I promise you, that's no longer going to be the case. Because it's only a matter of time before I'm the World Champion, and anyone who gets in my way, will end up just like Orton. That's not a threat; that's a guarantee. Now get the hell out of my face.


    The Miz: This is a brand new side of Dolph Ziggler, and if he continues to perform like he did tonight, there are a lot of people on the Roster who really need to watch out. He's crazy.

    Alberto del Rio

    Boos fill the arena for the new World Heavyweight Champion, as Alberto del Rio rides into the arena in style, in a brand new Lamborghini Murceilago, with personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez riding shotgun as he continues to recover from the injury he suffered at the hands of Sheamus. Del Rio steps out of the car and reveals the Gold around his waist, his cheery smile drawing even more boos.

    Michael Cole: Now this is a sight for sore eyes! I'm so proud to see Alberto del Rio, a man of class and honor, has finally captured the World Heavyweight Championship! Without the Brogue Kick, Sheamus was unable to achieve victory, and that's a sign of fairness that has long eluded Del Rio!

    The Miz: Gotta say, I'm not this guy's biggest fan. I respect his abilities and all, but he's ridiculously arrogant, and it's reasons like that which cost him more often than not. Of course, whatever works for him, and he's the World Champion now, so I guess I'll just sit back and watch it unfold.

    Michael Cole: It's so admirable, too, to see Rodriguez out here despite the injuries he suffered a few weeks back at the hands of that Brogue Kick, which was the final nail in the coffin for such a move. It's been confirmed by Smack Down General Manager in a Tout earlier this afternoon that a new Number One Contender will be named for the Title to take on Alberto del Rio at Vengeance in three weeks, and he has guaranteed it will not be Sheamus, so it's time to see who Del Rio's first official challenger will be this Friday night.

    Alberto del Rio: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Take in this moment, because for the first time ever, you are seated before the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in history! I was destined to win Championship Gold, and although I had to go through a lot of unfair challenges to get there, and [he looks towards Ricardo] we faced a lot of unfair casualties as a process, we've finally done it! No, I've finally done it! I've finally achieved my dream and become a Champion that this company needs! I've beaten everyone there is to beat, from Randy Orton, to John Cena, to Sheamus, and there is no one left who is worth of challenging me! You see, that brings me to the reason I am out here tonight. You see most people come out here and talk about how much they appreciate this victory, and how much it means to them to be Champion, but I'm not going to do that, no. For the longest time, I have been a Champion without a Title, and now as far as I'm concerned, everything is right. Sheamus will not be getting a Rematch, Ricardo has almost fully recovered, and I am finally atop the WWE Universe where I belong! So from here on out, I am going to do something no Champion has ever done before! I am issuing an official decree that I will not defend my Championship against any opponent who is not able to first defeat me in a Non-Title Match! [The crowd boos this immensely.]

    Michael Cole: Can he do that?

    The Miz: This is ridiculous, I'm not one to side with "what's right", but what kind of a Champion doesn't take on any and all challengers? He's doing nothing but proving I'm still a much better Champion than he is.

    Michael Cole: Think about it though; Del Rio's right, he's proven himself so much that what else does he have to prove? Unless an opponent can beat him, it makes sense that they shouldn't be rewarded with a Title Opportunity!

    Alberto del Rio: Now as far as I am concerned, in regards to Friday Night Smack Down, I think Ricardo and I will be taking the night off for a much needed victory celebration! I'll be returning to my hometown of Mexico to visit with my family and have a party fit for a Champion! Much better than anything the low class people of the United States of America like all of you could provide. [The crowd boos as Del Rio flashes a grin.]

    Booker T

    "Can You Dig It, Sucka?!" The oh-so-famous words of Smack Down General Manager Booker T echo throughout the packed arena to a huge pop as Del Rio turns his attention towards the stage. Booker T appears on the TitanTron sporting a black suit.

    Booker T: Wait up, Alberto! Now did I really hear you sayin' you were gon' take the night off, your first night as Champion on Smack Down this Friday Night? Nah man, I ain't playin' dat' game. [The crowd pops huge as Del Rio shakes his head in frustration.] See, as the Smack Down General Manager I got a show to run, and I ain't tryina' run that show without the centerpiece. As much as I respect yo' in ring abilities, your personality leaves quite a bit to be desired. Howeva', what you said earlier poses an interesting situation, dawg. You want a night off? I tell you what we gon' do. This Friday Night, we're gon' hold an Open Challenge Gauntlet Match. It'll be you, Alberto del Rio the new World Heavyweight Champion, and you'll be taking on three of Smack Down's finest superstars. The first superstar to score a victory over you will be your first challenger for Vengeance four weeks from now. Howeva', dawg, if you manage to beat all three of 'em, you'll earn yourself a full vacation from next week until the Smack Down after Vengeance. Now can you dig that, sucka?!!

    Michael Cole: What a blockbuster announcement from Smack Down's General Manager, Booker T! You know Booker and I don't always see eye to eye, and I'm not sure I'm a fan of Alberto del Rio having to compete against three men in one night, but I'm gonna give the the man credit here; this should be an awesome match and it makes Smack Down must-see television!

    The Miz: Del Rio just talked himself a huge game in there, and he's got the opportunity to take a paid vacation should he win, but he's definitely gonna be put to the test before that, and rightfully so. It should be interesting to see how this pans out.

    Michael Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen, it's been a huge show so far, but we're not quite done yet! Still to come, we've got a huge Main Event as the former World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, still seething over the defeat at the hands of Del Rio last night, looks to put himself right back on the map as he takes on WWE Champion CM Punk! It's the match we were supposed to have three weeks ago, but we'll get it for sure tonight!

    The Miz: I'm not a huge fan of CM Punk's decision to rely on Paul Heyman, especially this late into his title reign, and I think Punk's competent enough to compete on his own. With Punk's Heyman-aided victory last night, I'm watching to see if he can score this victory on his own, or if he'll need some assistance to overcome the Great White!



    Commercial Break



    We're back live, and the red lighting of the Big Red Monster fills the arena as streams of fire shoot out from the stage, to an overwhelmingly positive crowd reaction as Kane makes his way into the arena.

    Michael Cole: Welcome back, and after weeks of this whole Anger Management thing we've seen going on between Kane and Daniel Bryan, many people believed we'd see their differences resolved last night at Night of Champions, but the strangest thing happened. As the two were about to get the match underway, they were attacked by Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, also known as the Prime Time Players, perhaps a bit frustrated over their loss earlier in the evening.

    The Miz: I'm fantastic and even I wouldn't think about trying to get in there and sneak attack Kane.

    Michael Cole: Things didn't end so well for PTP though, as Kane and Daniel Bryan shockingly joined forces, clearing them from the ring. After that, the two...well they shook hands. This situation gets more strange by the week, but seeing Bryan and Kane on the same page poses some interesting questions as to whether or not their differences have really been resolved.

    Darren Young (w/Titus O'Neil)

    The Prime Time Players hit the stage next, goofing around with an arrogance about them, to a solid amount of heat from the WWE Universe. They make their way to the ring, and Darren Young, who will be competing tonight, doesn't appear to show much concern for Kane at all.

    The Miz: I can tell you from watching this right now, Darren Young is going to lose tonight. No folks, that's not a spoiler alert, but he's not taking Kane seriously at all, and I guarantee it's going to come back to bite him in the ass. Don't believe me? Just watch.

    Michael Cole: I'd normally disagree as I'd like to think there's a chance for a great performer like Darren Young to hold his own in there even with someone like Kane, but these guys might be a bit too cheery tonight to actually stand a chance.


    DING DING! O'Neil, on the apron, gives Young a small pep talk before "sending" him into action. This is the first time these two men have ever faced off in the ring, but the lack of familiarity with an opponent isn't going to hurt Kane. Young looks for an opening, knowing if he's going to make any sort of impact on the Big Red Monster he's going to have to do it in the early-going. Once Kane gets on a roll, he's hard to stop. Kane goes for an early uppercut, but Young ducks under it. He turns around and strikes with a few rights to the chest, but Kane mostly no-sells it. Young tries an Irish Whip, but Kane blocks it, throwing him into the corner. Kane goes for a clothesline there, but Young puts the boots out, with a kick to the face! Young runs out of the corner, with the added momentum and strikes with a running Dropkick! Manages to take Kane off his feet, hooks the massive leg there, one, two, no! Kane kicks out with ease, and Young tries to maintain the advantage with a headlock. Keeping himself on one knee and trying to keep Kane grounded, Young yells some insults towards the crowd as the fans rally behind Kane to get back in this.

    Kane tries to stand despite Young's best efforts to keep him grounded. With plenty of energy in the early-going, Kane gets to one knee, moving towards the ropes. Young holds on, transitioning to a Sleeper Hold, but Kane grabs him by the back of his head and hurls him over the shoulder to the mat! Young grabs his back for a moment, but stands and turns right into a Scoop Slam from Kane! Kane tries to follow up, but Young wisely rolls out of the ring, looking to get a moment of rest on the outside. O'Neil joins his partner at ringside to make sure he's alright as Kane watches on.

    Michael Cole: Very smart strategy by Darren Young as he's gonna take a quick break. Can PTP find a way to get back in this when we return?!


    Commercial Break


    After a quick break, Darren Young has somehow turned things in his favor by working on the left knee of Kane, and the Replay cameras show us how he managed to utilize a distraction from O'Neil to ground the Big Red Monster. Young gets a couple of stiff kicks to the leg, just working away at it, taking the much larger Kane out from underneath himself. With a weak leg, it's going to be difficult for Kane to recover and get back in this. Young grabs the leg and drops an elbow, a bit unorthodox but an effective move none the less. O'Neil shouts encouragement from outside the ring, as the fans boo. Young exits to the ring apron, but before he climbs to the top, he turns to the fans and shouts "MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!", generating some more heat for himself.

    The Miz: This is precisely why I can't stand this guy! Seriously, you've got the advantage, you've actually managed to get someone like Kane down on the mat and instead of capitalizing, you spend time playing to the crowd? There's a reason these clowns aren't the WWE Tag Team Champions right now.

    Young's up top, and Kane gets to his feet, clearly wobbly on the left leg after the heavy focus on it during the break. He makes his way towards the turnbuckle, but Young kicks him away. Young leaps, looking for a Diving Clothesline of sorts, perhaps? Oh, but Kane catches him with an Uppercut, straight to the throat! Young flails to the mat, what a move! The crowd pops huge as Kane moves the hair out of his face. O'Neil looks on, concerned, and it seems just now he's realizing that the taunting didn't quite pay off. Kane motions for a chokeslam, adjusting the glove and all, and the crowd knows what's coming! Young stands up, dazed, and turns around right into it! Kane gets him up, but Young with an elbow to the skull! Kane drops him and Young hits a Dropkick to the knee of the weakened leg!

    Young runs the ropes, taking advantage of the opportunity - hits a Running Neckbreaker! Could he score an upset here? One, two, th--Kane gets the shoulder up, as the fans follow up with cheers of relief! The frustration on Young's face is more than evident as he tries to figure out how to put Kane away here. Kane sits up though, as Young runs the ropes, blasts him right in the face with a Dropkick! Cover again, one, two, Kane kicks out! And Young is beside himself here! He grabs Kane in a side headlock, looking for a DDT, but Kane powers out, throwing him forwards! With no time to block, Young faceplants the mat! He tries to stand quickly, but runs right into a Big Boot!

    Michael Cole: Did you see that?! The impact of that boot might have knocked a few teeth out of Young's mouth! Kane's leg may be hurting, but not enough to keep him from pulling off a move like that!

    Kane warms up for the Chokeslam again, but Titus O'Neil gets up on the apron. The crowd boos as O'Neil argues with the Referee, but Kane takes business into his own hands, grabbing O'Neil by the throat and throwing him into the ring! The Referee tries to clear O'Neil from the ring as Kane turns his attention away from Darren Young! And Young scores with a Low Blow! Quickly, into the Small Package, what a huge upset this would be! One, two, three!

    Winner @ 14:22: Darren Young (w/Titus O'Neil)

    The Miz: Wow, color me surprised! I'm geniuenly stunned by what we just saw in there, turns out the kid does have some guts after all.

    Michael Cole: What a huge upset here, with Darren Young scoring the victory over Kane, in no small part due to Titus O'Neil!

    Plenty of boos abound as the two share a victory celebration, dancing like a couple of fools in the center of the ring, though Kane starts to recover relatively quickly. He stands up behind them, and the crowd cheers as the PTP are about to get some sweet revenge, courtesy of the Big Red Machine! Kane goes for a Double Chokeslam, but a well-timed kick to the gut allows them to counter out! And Young goes right for the leg as Titus fires away with shots to the back!

    This two-on-one assault with an injured Kane makes it rather difficult for him to fight back as the Prime Time Players are trying to live up to their namesake here!

    Daniel Bryan

    What a tremendous ovation as Kane's rival hits the ring at a rapid pace to a huge pop! Daniel Bryan slides into the ring and charges right for Young, taking him down with a Dropkick straight out of his ROH arsenal! Bryan right to his feet as he turns his attention to O'Neil, and the fans, despite not understanding this weird alliance between the two, cheer like crazy as Bryan fires away at O'Neil with right hands! Young tries coming back, but Bryan kicks him in the side of the head, sending him out of the ring!

    O'Neil goes for a right hand, but Bryan blocks it and sends him stumbling into Kane! An angered Big Red Monster grabs O'Neil by the throat, and delivers a monstrous CHOKESLAM!

    The two exchange a weird look as Kane's music hits on the P/A and he exits the ring with a twisted smile.

    Michael Cole: What are we witnessing here? Is this what it looks like? An alliance between these two men who before last night hated one another? Maybe the Anger Management is finally starting to pay off.

    The Miz: Both of them are clearly insane, but maybe it's working for them. Still, Darren Young did earn that victory and for that I have to eat my words, a very impressive performance on behalf of the Prime Time Players tonight, but their confidence could only get them so far.


    Michael Cole: It's been a crazy night and really, not a lot of things are making sense here, but one thing that's for sure is that in four weeks time on October 14th, WWE presents Vengeance, live on Pay-Per-View!

    The Miz: And we'd like to take a second to thank The Veer Union for "Seasons", the Official Theme of this historic event! Wow, it feels somewhat cool to promote that. Anyway, with everything going on around here lately, I'm sure it's going to be one hell of a show, and I'm sure if the management really wants Pay-Per-Views to sell, yours truly will be defending the Intercontentinal Championship!

    Michael Cole: I'm sure everyone hopes to see that, but one thing we do know for sure is that the new World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio will be competing in a Gauntlet Match this Friday on Smack Down, and if he's able to outlast all three competitors, he'll get a paid vacation! Should he lose though, whoever defeats him will get the opportunity of a lifetime with a World Heavyweight Championship Match at Vengeance!

    The Miz: This was what Alberto del Rio asked for, so if he loses, he's got no one to blame for himself! Besides, as a Champion, you can't afford to take a vacation. That's just lazy in my opinion. Sheesh, it's not like he's taking time off to film a movie.

    Michael Cole: Well folks, it's the moment we've been waiting for tonight! Coming up next, we've got our Main Event bout for the evening as WWE Champion CM Punk steps between the ropes with the Great White, Sheamus!



    Commercial Break



    "It's a Shameful thing!" Sheamus' music hits on the P/A to a huge pop as the Celtic Warrior makes his way onto the stage, arms outward, letting out a huge roar as he's ready to take out his frustrations in the ring tonight! As the Irish-green lighting fills the arena, Sheamus makes his way down the ramp, stopping to hand some beads to a young kid in the front row--wait a minute!

    From out of nowhere, Sheamus is attacked from behind by Wade Barrett! It takes the crowd a minute to recognize what's going on, but the newly-returned Englishman takes out Sheamus with a lead pipe right on the ramp to massive heat! Barrett wails away on Sheamus as the boos continue to increase.

    Michael Cole: Wade Barrett?! What the hell is going on here? We were supposed to be getting a match between Sheamus and CM Punk, but it looks as though the Irishman can barely stand, never mind compete!

    The Miz: It looks like Barrett's attempting to re-establish himself further, and what better way to do that then go straight for the "big dog", am I wrong? Quite the statement made here.

    ["You Suck" chants fill the arena as Barrett stands over a fallen Sheamus with an evilish grin on his face. He doesn't care what the fans have to say as he makes his way towards the back; his point proven. A few medics come out to help Sheamus to his feet, helping him to the back.]

    Michael Cole: With this weird twist on things, does this mean we're not getting a Main Event Match tonight?

    The Miz: Seems like an awkward way to go off the air...


    Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my client, STILL the WWE Champion, Mr. CM Punk!

    As the annoyingly notorious voice of Paul Heyman echoes throughout the arena, the fans respond in part with a shower of boos. Heyman smiles as he takes it all in; looks like the show's not over just yet.

    CM Punk

    "Cult of Personality" hits on the P/A and the boos just louder, as the once super-over CM Punk has turned himself into one of the most hated men on the entire Roster. WWE Championship in hand, Punk makes his way onto the stage, smiling as he looks towards Heyman and nods. The two men walk down the ramp towards the ring, where Heyman grabs a microphone for Punk.

    The Miz: I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Punk and Heyman have something to say, should we? Definitely not a good idea to overlook Wade Barrett here either, though. It was a brief attack, but the damage was done and more importantly, Barrett just made himself a huge enemy in the Celtic Warrior.

    Paul Heyman: Well, well, well. [The crowd boos.] Three weeks ago when CM Punk and myself first decided to join forces, everyone said it would make no difference. CM Punk was asking for the respect he so deserves and reached out to me to help him achieve that goal, because you people listen to me. You people care what I have to say and I like to think of myself as a voice of reason. [The boos get louder.] Here we are, more than twenty-four hours removed from Night of Champions and CM Punk stands before you STILL, the WWE Champion. Everyone said the last thing Punk had to do was defeat John Cena, and last night, he did just that. So before I allow my client to speak, I have to ask you people please, stand up and give CM Punk a round of applause!

    [Heyman lowers the microphone and tries to encourage the crowd to clap, but the boos just get louder, and "You suck" chants do as well.]

    CM Punk: Thank you, WWE Universe. Thank you for proving my point, precisely the reason why I have enlisted Paul Heyman to assist me in my quest to sit atop the WWE. For months I busted my ass to get to this point and I'm in the midst of one of the longest Championship Reigns in WWE history. You would think the fact that an "indy darling" such as myself making it to this point would be more than enough to earn your respect, but no, you people can't appreciate me unless I cater to your every whim. What happened to Sheamus just now, I had no part of that, but it sure was ironic to see someone like that get what's coming to him. You all cheer Sheamus, yet he's nowhere near me! I am the best wrestler in the world and the greatest WWE Champion to ever stand between these ropes, and yet you still refuse to give me the respect I deserve! And that brings me to last night. Night of Champions. Where I BEAT John Cena fair and square in the middle of this ring, and does that change your minds? No. Of course not! And why would it, right? After all, John Cena is the poster boy of this company. It doesn't matter how many times he loses, you'll still come out here and cheer him, and boo him, but regardless of your chants, each and every one of you, including the people in the back and management themselves, respect John Cena. For some reason though, I don't have that! Now that brings me to the man seated at the Announce Desk tonight, The Miz. [The crowd gives a mixed response.]

    The Miz: Me? This is new.

    CM Punk: Miz, I know you've been out here doing commentary all night, but why don't you get a microphone and come in this ring? I've got something to ask you.

    [The camera focuses on Miz, who isn't quite sure how to react. He looks towards Cole, then shrugs as he grabs the Intercontinental Championship Belt and stands up, grabbing a microphone.]

    CM Punk: That's more like it. [He says as the two stand face-to-face.] Earlier tonight as I was in the back getting ready for my match, I heard you make a couple of comments that just...didn't sit right with me. You said something about me needing Paul Heyman's help to win, and that I should spend more time focusing on matches than attacking announcers, is that right? [Miz nods his head, and the crowd response is pretty positive for this.] What, may I ask, gives you the right to say something like that about me?

    The Miz: What gives me the right? Really? ["Really" from the crowd.] Punk, I was hoping to avoid having to have this kind of conversation with you but you know what, I could care less at this point. I've been there and done that with the WWE Championship, the feud with Cena, the demanding respect, and you know where it got me? Sidelined for months because I let my career plummet into a downward spiral. Instead of focusing on being the best I could between these ropes I focused on trying to get the spotlight. Well you know what Punk, screw the spotlight! [The crowd cheers.] I stand before you the Intercontinental Champion and while it's not the World Title, I'm damn proud to say I haven't needed anyone's help to hold onto this Belt. I haven't paraded around here demanding respect, I haven't hired an agent to try and persuade these people to cheer me. Whether they love me or hate me, the WWE Universe and I have always had the same relationship. I'm not out to impress them, and they're not out to impress me. I'm here because I want to win, and that's what I do each and every week. [The fans are pretty much behind Miz entirely here.]

    CM Punk: Oh, so you want to win? So you think the way I'm doing things is wrong? Miz, you have no credibility at all. Sure, you Main Evented Wrestlemania, but were you the focal point? No. It was all about Cena and Rock. This company is all about favoritism and ratings. Always has been, always will be and the fact that you can't see that makes me sad because Miz, I respect you as a competitor. But to hear you talk about me as though you're my superior, makes me laugh. You're nothing more than a reality show hasbeen who wants nothing more than to make it big. A joke. Someone who doesn't belong in my ring.

    The Miz: Really? Is that why I was Main Eventing Wrestlemania while you were shaving people's heads on Smack Down? ["Ooohhh!" from the crowd, followed by a huge pop.] I'm not one to stand up for anyone around here, but I know Jerry "The King" Lawler, Punk, we've had our fair share of involvement back in the day, and you know what I can say about Jerry Lawler? He's more deserving of respect than you. At least he didn't sell out for a Championship Belt and a few DVD's.

    [A very vocal "Miz" chant begins to fill the arena, but Punk catches him off guard with the microphone to the skull!]

    Michael Cole: Whoa! Punk just slammed Miz with the microphone!

    [Boos follow as Miz pretty much won the crowd over, but Punk hits him with a kick to the head and exits the ring. He grabs Miz and pulls him out of the ring. Miz starts to fight back with some right hands and the fans are behind him in a big way, but Paul Heyman gets involved, providing a distraction! And Punk blasts Miz with a steel chair to the back! Punk smiles, mocking Miz and the crowd. "Do I have your respect now?!" He puts the chair around Miz's neck, shades of 2009. Not this...right into the ring post! The fans are nearly silenced from the brutality of the move!]

    Michael Cole: Oh my God...Miz is...Miz is bleeding from the mouth, this is just crossing a line here. CM Punk has completely overstepped the line...

    [Punk and Heyman stand over Miz as medics rush to ringside. Punk holds the WWE Championship Belt above his head as the camera zooms out to close the show to nothing but boos.]

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