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    Monday Night RAW - 10.1.2012

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    Monday Night RAW - 10.1.2012 Empty Monday Night RAW - 10.1.2012

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:46 am

    Monday Night RAW - 10.1.2012 1c62640b

    We've got streams upon streams of fireworks clashing with the HD Stage as the live, eccentric crowd in San Diego, California is alive and on their feet for the intro of Monday Night RAW! “Tonight is the Night” plays throughout the arena as the camera pans through the crowd, allowing some lucky fans to get their signs and likeness on screen! Soon, we flash towards Michael Cole at the Broadcast Booth, alongside WWE Hall of Famer Good Ol' "JR" Jim Ross!

    Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen good evening and welcome to Monday Night RAW! I'm Michael Cole alongside WWE Hall of Famer, good ol' J.R. Jim Ross filling in for an injured Jerry "The King" Lawler, and I'm thrilled to be able to sit alongside him tonight! J.R., how are you this evening?

    Jim Ross: Well, I'm doing pretty well thus far and I must say the potential of tonight's show is only making it better! This crowd is crazy, and with the blockbuster conclusion coming out of this Friday's Smack Down that saw WWE Champion CM Punk break the terms of his suspension and get involved on the show, attacking Number One Contender to the World Title, Ryback, we've been assured there will be swift consequences for the Champion, up to and including the possibility of contract termination!

    Michael Cole: Not sure I'd want to be CM Punk, and as much as I try and search for a reason to explain his actions, there's no way around it; Punk violated the terms of his suspension and deserves whatever consequences he'll face tonight. Plus, he more than likely angered Ryback, who's not usually the most pleasant person to begin with.

    [A quick pan to the ring, as we're joined by Tensai, standing center of the ring alongside Sakamoto. He gets moderate heat, but the fans still struggle to care about him. He says a few sentences in Japanese, and hands the microphone to Sakomoto.]

    Sakomoto: Tensai has faced nothing but ridicule since his return to the WWE, he says. ["What?!"] Years of training and improving his craft in Japan has not earned him the respect he deserves from all of you people, but more importantly than that, the people in the back, as well. ["What?!"] Tensai is a powerhouse, the most dominant force on the RAW and Smack Down Rosters! ["What?!"] All of you are to stand up now and join me in bowing as we pay our respects to the man known as Tensai! [The crowd continues to boo, as Sakomoto ignores the "What?!" chants and puts the microphone down, preparing to bow as Tensai pushes him around a bit.]


    A very vocal pop echoes throughout the arena as the T-1000, Ryback himself makes his way into the arena, roaring to go as pyro explodes on the ramp and the camera zooms in, focusing on his face as he looks around the arena...

    Michael Cole: And speak of the devil! I guess Ryback's not up for joining in Tensai's celebration ceremony! These two men faced off this past Friday Night on Smack Down, and Ryback picked up a hard fought victory, but it was really the first time his undefeated streak looked like it might have been in jeopardy. I'm told Tensai personally requested this rematch tonight, calling the Number One Contender's win a fluke.

    Jim Ross: With all due respect to Tensai, you've got to wonder whether or not this is in his best interest. Ryback is dominating enough, but he's certainly got more on his mind than usual after being provoked by CM Punk on Smack Down, and I'm betting he sees Tensai as nothing more than another obstacle to go through here.


    Ding ding! The bell rings and this bout is underway as the menacing Tensai shouts insults from his corner, both at Ryback, and then briefly at Sakomoto who tries to offer words of encouragement. Ryback stands in place, breathing in and out heavily, eyeing his competition like a piece of meat, apparently Tensai's size doesn't matter to him. The two lock up center of the ring as the crowd is largely behind Ryback. Tensai tries to force him into the corner, but the T-1000 powers out nearly effortlessly, grabbing Tensai by the back of his head and slamming him face-first into the turnbuckle pad. Tensai counters with an elbow to the face and sends Ryback stumbling. He turns around and goes for a big Clothesline, knocking Ryback off his feet. Goes for the cover, but barely gets a half count before Ryback powers out in a big way! Tensai tries to keep on him, but Ryback pushes him into the ropes and returns to the offensive with a series of big right hands to the jaw!

    Irish whip from Ryback, and Tensai runs the ropes, only to counter with a knee to the face. He bounces off them a second time, but runs straight into a One-Handed Spinebuster! The power of Ryback! Twerking his own arm, Ryback sizes Tensai up for a Lariat! He runs the ropes, and what a brutal clothesline! The crowd pops HUGE! Ryback grabs Tensai and tries to left him - there's no way he'll be able to! No, wait, he does! The crowd goes nuts as we see the absolute powerhouse that is Ryback lift Tensai onto his shoulders -- SHELLSHOCKED! And there's no doubt about it, that's gonna do it. One, two, three.

    Winner @ 3:50: Ryback

    [Tensai rolls to the outside and bullies Sakomoto in frustration over his loss as Ryback leads the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant, very over.]

    Michael Cole: Big Hungry's winning streak continues, but more importantly is how quickly he decimated Tensai, and I think it's safe to say Tensai's needs to do something to turn his luck around.

    Jim Ross: I can agree, and this potential blue chipper athlete Ryback, especially as young as he is, is without a doubt going places here in the WWE. In two weeks he'll battle Alberto del Rio at Vengeance, and unless Del Rio can find a way to win, we could very well be looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion.



    Michael Cole: After his reprehensible actions against The Miz two weeks ago, CM Punk prepares to find out what kind of punishment awaits him for breaking the terms of his suspension, and we're told these charges have been reviewed by the Board of Directors and they will be sending a representative to address Punk later tonight.

    Jim Ross: We learned at the end of RAW last week that Punk will defend the WWE Championship against The Miz at Vengeance, but the outcome of Punk's review tonight could change things, for sure.


    Michael Cole: Check this out! Tonight we've got not one, but two brand new Debuts tonight, right here on RAW! The brand new Tag Team consisting of Benny "The Jet" Idol and his Tag Team Partner, Garrett Mayard, two guys who I understand have never actually teamed together before and are being brought in as a Tag Team to help spice up an already blossoming Tag Team Division, will take on the team of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel!

    Jim Ross: How well they'll fare remains to be seen, but our other Debut is one I'm personally excited for! Australian independent star, Jason Xander, who has been trying for years, since back when I was the Head of Talent Relations, no less, to score himself a WWE Contract, and this past month he got just that opportunity! Tonight, the extraordinary talent makes his RAW Debut, and we'll see this kid's dream come true on live television! I can't wait to see this!

    Michael Cole: Such a big show tonight! Stick with us, you won't want to miss a second!


    Commercial Break


    [We return live, and the camera pans to the parking lot in the arena, as a long stretch limosine pulls in. The door opens, but they cut away before we see who gets out...the crowd pops in excitement.]

    Jim Ross: Welcome back folks, and it looks like the representative from the Board of Directors has arrived for CM Punk's suspension review tonight, the suspense is intriguing, for sure.

    Michael Cole Agreed! Right now we've got Matt Striker standing by backstage with Daniel Bryan, who will be in action a little bit later tonight against one half of the Prime Time Players, Darren Young, but first we'll hear from Bryan regarding the challenge issued to Kane and himself from PTP for a match at Vengeance, let's see!


    Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, Cole, J.R., I'm standing by with Daniel Bryan, and Daniel, if I may ask, what is going on with this dynamic between Kane and yourself as of late? [The crowd pops HUGE when Bryan appears on the TitanTron, almost immediately bringing on a flurry of "YES!" chants to Bryan's frustration.]

    Daniel Bryan: Dynamic? What the hell are you talking about? Matt Striker there is no dynamic between Kane and myself, he's a big lumbering goon and I'm the most handsome, most talented wrestler on the Roster! ["YES! YES! YES!"] No! No! No! You see what these people do to me?! Kane beat me at Night of Champions, and because of that I couldn't just sit around and watch him make an idiot out of himself because that makes ME look bad, so I carried Kane to help him maintain a shred of credibility so I don't look like a total loser. With that being said, I don't know about Kane, but if the Prime Time Players want a match with me at Vengeance, they're on. ["YES! YES! YES!" chants once more as Bryan walks away in frustration, shouting NO! down the hallway.]


    Jim Ross: Daniel Bryan is an oddball, but I must say, he gets the job done in the ring and that's what it's about. So can we call it official then? Daniel Bryan and Kane teaming up to take on the Prime Time Players at Vengeance? I think we're just waiting on word from the Big Red Machine, but if I know Kane, and seeing as the man's personally set me on fire I'm sure I do, he's gonna have no problem accepting this one.

    Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

    The crowd pops as the high-flying duo of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel make their way into the arena! They head down the ramp, high-fiving tons of fans before entering the ring and preparing for their upcoming bout…

    Michael Cole: Two of the youngest, most talented superstars on the Roster in Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel have joined forces with the goal of capturing the Tag Team Championships, and tonight they get a chance to prove just what they're capable of as they face off against the brand new team of Benny "The Jet" Idol and Garret Mayard, already in the ring here.

    Jim Ross: We mentioned earlier tonight that Mayard and Benny Idol have never teamed together before, but they have faced each other a number of times down in WWE's developmental territory, so the two are certainly familiar with one another. Whether or not their experience will lend them a hand as a team is another story, though.


    Ding ding! We're underway here, and it looks like Benny "The Jet" Idol will be the one to start for his team, hoping to make a solid first impression to management and the WWE Universe with his Debut match here, but somehow weary about his partner at the same time, the two being former rivals. Gabriel starts on his end, and the two lock-up center of the ring briefly. Idol gets a headlock, but Gabriel's quick to shift out of it, running him into the ropes and following up with an Irish Whip. Idol rebounds, but stops himself as Gabriel goes for a Dropkick that gets him nowhere but the canvas. Idol with the Bridge Pin, one, no, Gabriel kicks out! Idol gets to his feet and strikes with a couple of forearms to the chest, then a knee to the side of the head. He gets Gabriel in the corner and hits a few knees to the gut, really wearing down his opponent with fast-paced strikes. Irish whip out of the corner, but Gabriel does a cartwheel into a backflip, landing on his feet!

    The crowd pops for the showy display, and Idol runs right into a big Dropkick! And Gabriel's starting to build momentum here as he scores with a second one! Follows it up with a Scoop Slam there! Benny Idol looks to be in trouble as Justin Gabriel heads to the top rope - 450 Splash?! Garrett Mayard sees trouble, sliding into the ring and pulling Benny to safety while crotching Gabriel on the top rope to some solid heat. The Referee hurries to intervene, forcing Mayard out of the ring. Benny Idol takes advantage of the distraction, and hits a big Superplex from the top rope! Both superstars are down, and both of them could use a tag!

    Jim Ross: As much as I detest that kind of action in the ring, I have to give credit to Garrett Mayard for being smart enough to get involved and save the match for his team. The first match is always important, and a victory for these guys who are untested as a team would do wonders for them going forward, especially with the revamp the Tag Team Division has seen as of late.

    Michael Cole: Tyson Kidd's fired up on the apron, and Garrett Mayard wants to get in the ring too, it's all about who can make the tag first!

    Tyson Kidd manages to rile up the crowd pretty well as Gabriel hurries to the ring apron, hoping to be the first one to make the tag, but the Superplex is definitely taking its toll, and Idol gets it first! Mayard enters the ring and runs right for Gabriel, grabbing his right leg and attempting to pull him out of the corner. Quick to improvise, Gabriel leaps up and hits an Enziguri, stunning Mayard long enough to make the tag! Tyson Kidd springboards onto the top rope, hits a HUGE Springboard Clothesline! Filled with momentum at this point, Kidd knocks Idol to the floor with a Running Dropkick! And Mayard's totally dazed after being caught off guard; Kidd nails the CODE BLUE! Cover! One, two, three!

    Winners @ 5:40: Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

    Jim Ross: That's gonna do it! A very impressive performance from Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel tonight! And I've got no intention to discredit Idol and Mayard either, but it's quite clear the reason they couldn't get the job done was the lack of focus or cooperation as a Team. The chemistry may well be there, but they were both in business for themselves and that's what cost them.

    Michael Cole: Completely agreed, and I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll see both teams meet, though it should be interesting to see how Idol and Mayard come back from this rather lackluster debut. They showed some signs of brilliance, but it's going to take more than a few good moves to make it on RAW!

    [As Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel slap hands with fans and celebrate up the ramp, Idol and Mayard argue in the ring, with Mayard blaming Idol for the loss.]



    Jim Ross: In some other news, we've got a big Main Event scheduled for tonight, as Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler steps in the ring with the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus! There's clearly frustration on Sheamus' part at the fact that he has been denied a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship, which means tensions will be running high in this one, as Ziggler's actions as of late have been beyond reprehensible.

    Michael Cole: Dolph Ziggler claims he is the new Apex Predator of the WWE after taking out Randy Orton, claiming that the WWE Locker Room should fear him just like many feared Randy Orton's unstable actions, displaying an absolutely brutal side over the past couple of weeks.

    Jim Ross: Things continue to get crazier and crazier by the week on RAW, and it's almost like the WWE Universe is spinning its wheels, with many under the impression that the Board of Directors needs to take action. Last week, John Cena took to the ring to address this, and we're gonna take you back to that right now.



    [The camera pans to the TitanTron, as we see a clip of Dolph Ziggler attacking Randy Orton with a steel chair and breaking his arm...]

    "You see unlike CM Punk, I don’t go around asking for respect. I just go out to the ring and do my thing, simple as that. At Night of Champions I lost to CM Punk fair and square, he pinned me in the center of that ring one, two, three and retained the Title. [The majority of the crowd boos.]"

    [The camera pans to CM Punk's attack on The Miz at the end of RAW two weeks ago, placing the steel chair around his neck and slamming him into the ring post...]

    "You won the match. Maybe in the eyes of the WWE Universe, your credibility has improved, and that’s all well and good. However there’s something you still haven’t earned from me and that’s respect."

    [The camera pans to a few scenes of AJ Lee, showing her losing her cool and storming out of RAW last week, leaving the show without a General Manager...]

    "With what you pulled last week, you nearly ended the kid’s damn career and all just because you needed to pick a fight and pick a spotlight. I tell you what, I agree with what he said; I think the fact that you need Paul Heyman to fight your battles and earn you relevance just shows how far from being the best you really are. Punk, I hope The Miz beats your ass. [There’s a HUGE pop for this as a “Miz” chant fills the arena. John Cena stands up, looking serious now.]"

    [The camera pans to Dolph Ziggler's attack on Sin Cara from last week, and Sheamus using the Brogue Kick against Heath Slater despite its banning...]

    " Now that brings me to my second point. With everything that’s been going on around here lately, we’ve seen announcers being attacked, superstars being taken out, things are just getting out of control."

    "things are just getting out of control..."

    [The camera pans to CM Punk's attack on Ryback at the end of Smack Down, as well as The Miz's attack on Paul Heyman at the end of last week's RAW...]

    "And whether or not its my duty to address this or not, and this message is straight to the Board of Directors: if you don’t do something to get things back under control so we don’t have to worry about our safety and the safety of all the guys in the back...[He stares into the camera.] I will."

    [Michael Cole's voice echoes over Cena's: "Chaos has ensued on RAW! The WWE Universe is falling apart from within and something needs to be done!"]


    Commercial Break


    [We return live, as AJ Lee is backstage in her office with Drew McIntyre, who gets hardly any reaction from the crowd...]

    Drew McIntyre: I've had just about enough of this. Two years ago, I was the Chosen One. My career was skyrocketing and everything was going so well, and now, I'm nothing more than an afterthought. Between Booker T on Smack Down, and you here on RAW, I should at least be able to get a match, but no, I can't even get a damn match on Superstars. I don't need this, I deserve better than this. [AJ Lee just stares on with a crazed look in her eyes.]

    AJ Lee: Listen Drew, I'm sorry, things are just chaotic right now you know, and I'm trying to get things under control but, there are just some things that are more important right now. Tell you what, give me a few weeks and I'll get you a match on the show, we'll work something out.

    Drew McIntyre: A few weeks? That's the kind of respect I get when I have the damn decency to come here and ask you for an opportunity? You know what? Screw this place. I'm out of here. [The crowd pops as McIntyre slams the door of AJ's office and heads off to the parking garage, leaving the General Manager looking like she's going to fall apart under the pressure.]


    Michael Cole: Drew McIntyre...did he just leave? Following Jack Swagger's path, apparently, and J.R., if this doesn't say that something needs to be done, I don't know what will. We're losing superstars left and right and our General Manager can't even keep her show under control.

    Jim Ross: I hate to say it, but AJ Lee might be biting off more than she can chew here, especially with the state the company is in right now. The girl's just a kid, and I don't think she's got even the slightest idea how to handle what's going on here.


    Michael Cole: This is crazy...either way, folks, coming up next, we've got some huge news! It's a Rematch from Smack Down two weeks ago, as the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio will battle newcomer Troy Arcade, the same man who absolutely took him to the limit in their first bout! Can Del Rio defeat this opposition and continue to build momentum heading into Vengeance, or will the rookie score a huge upset?


    Commercial Break


    Alberto del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)

    To a ton of heat, the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto del Rio makes his way into the arena, driving a Mercedes Convertible, gold in color, with Ricardo Rodriguez in the passenger seat. He exits the car and holds up the World Heavyweight Championship on the ramp as his fireworks go...

    Michael Cole: We're back, and we're about to witness greatness in action with the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto del Rio! I'm personally a big fan of Del Rio and I think that since winning the World Heavyweight Championship, he continues to prove himself with back-to-back impressive performances, first the Gauntlet Match two weeks ago on Smack Down, and then last week with a victory over Kofi Kingston, J.R. I think Del Rio is ready for Ryback in two weeks.

    Jim Ross: There are plenty of positive things I can say about Alberto del Rio, michael, but I'm not sure I can agree with that. While I believe Ryback needs to go through some more challenging opponents as well to really get a feel for what its like to be in the ring with a Champion, as untested as "Big Hungry" may be, Alberto Del Rio has never faced an opponent of Ryback's caliber. As Champion, this will be his first chance to prove that the match wasn't a fluke, and that he can get the job done where it counts.

    Troy Arcade

    Emerging onto the stage, Arcade can be seen stretching, exercising his wrists, and the like, preparing himself for the match ahead. Arcade is very intense in has walk to the ring, looking directly down the ramp with tremendous focus. As he reaches the ringside area he offers a few fans high-fives before jogging up the ramp. Once in the ring Arcade stretches against the ropes before moving to the center of the ring and simply raising one arm above his head.

    Jim Ross: We've got a bit of a New Talent Initiative going on in recent weeks, and this kid has been a standout performer among the new superstars thus far. Troy Arcade is a Canadian-born superstar, trained by the likes of Lance Storm and others, and he's got all sorts of skills between those ropes. He came this close to upsetting Del Rio in his Debut, and tonight gets his opportunity to try once more.

    Michael Cole: This should be one heck of a match, and Del Rio really needs to keep his mind on his opponent and not worry about Ryback right now, because if he doesn't focus, he'll lose the slight advantage of experience he's got over this kid.

    THIRD MATCH --- ALBERTO DEL RIO (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. TROY ARCADE [Non-Title]

    The match is underway; In the ring we see the intense newcomer Troy Arcade staring across the ring from the man he nearly defeated one week ago; but things were different last week. Arcade was a surprise opponent, Del Rio didn't know how to prepare and with the gauntlet looming, he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. This week Del Rio's just got to deal with Troy, and now he knows at least some of what he has to expect.

    The competitors begin to circle the ring. Arcade moves in, proposing a test of strength. Del Rio accepts – so it would seem. Rather then following through though he promptly applies an arm wringer. Clubbing shot to the arm! And another, Del Rio twists it to apply more preasure, back kick from Arcade! The newcomer follows through with a snapmare take over. Arcade follows up with a stiff kick to the back! Arcade backs up, measuring Del Rio, who gets to his feet, turns, Del Rio promptly attempts a hard punch, Arcade ducks it! Gutwrench Suplex![b] Arcade off the ropes as a stunned Del Rio gets to his feet! [b]Dropkick to the back! Cover! !...2. No! Alberto gets a shoulder up in the early-goings of tonight's match.

    Jim Ross: Alberto Del Rio is undoubtedly used to the fast-paced style from his time wrestling in Mexico where the lucha libre style is very much present, but it looks like he's having a little bit of trouble keeping up to speed with Arcade in the early going, and that's not something he wants to get into the habit of doing.

    Ricardo Rodriguez seems to be trying to encourage Alberto, shouting in Spanish. Troy doesn't seem to distracted by it in this moment Del Rio gets to his feet, backing off here, into the corner. He doesn't know what to make of the newcomer. Arcade wastes no time in moving into the corner after Del Rio! Chop! Woo! from the fans and another! Another Del Rio with a knee to the stomach! Clubbing shot to the head! Kick to the arm! Troy's staggering back now, his arm's in pain. Del Rio grabs him! [b] Arcade's shoulder straight into the post!

    Michael Cole: Del Rio weakens the arm! That ring post doesn't care what kind of shape you're in, it'll hurt you regardless, and Troy Arcade can vouge for that right now!

    Arcade staggers out now, Del Rio levels him with an Enzuguri! Cover! 1...2... Arcade kicks out! Ricardo seems shocked as Arcade gets to his feet holding his shoulder. Del Rio with a kick to the injured limb! Another! Del Rio attempts a third before he backs off, measuring Arcade! Cross armbr- NO! Arcade with a Teardrop Suplex! Arcade now backs up a bit, exercising his arm trying to get feeling back. Del Rio starts to stir. Chopblock! Arcade takes him down. Stomp to to the knee. Another! Del Rio takes the leg! Shades of Ric Flair here! Figure Four!

    Jim Ross: Oh my! Look at this! He's got that Figure Four Leg Lock locked in! Alberto Del Rio might tap out here! Come on kid, you can do this!

    It's locked in and Del Rio's in trouble here! Arcade knows what he's doing, Del Rio's shoulders are down! 1...Shoulder up. Arcade doesn't seem phased, he didn't expexct the win there by the looks of things! Hammer fist to the knee! And another Arcade is using that good arm to strike the knee as he maintains the hold. Trying again with the preasure, Troy wrenches with his legs. Del Rio's contemplating tapping! Del Rio knows what he has to do here too. The nephew of Mil Mascaras begins to roll over, to try to invert the pressure Arcade tries to block the reverse but he just can't His arm's too weak to push the weight back after that assault!

    Michael Cole: Del Rio manages to counter out, but not without the damage being done first, you can tell by the way he's reversed the hold that the move took its toll for sure.

    Alberto 's got Arcade now Wrenching with his legs, Arcade isn't getting out of this easy, it's in tight. Slowly, he begins the Arduous crawl to the ropes. He's one armed and he's in a lot of pain here. With every inch he crawls he seems to be in more pain! Teeth clenched he lets out a roar of pain, but he's made it! The ref starts to count! 1...2...3...4.. A split second before the disqualification Del Rio breaks the hold!

    The referee pushes Alberto back keeping the athletes separated as Arcade gets to his feet here, against the ropes. Del Rio moves in again with a clubbing blow to the shoulder, and another. Throws arcade back first against the ropes now! Del Rio grabs the arm, of Arcade, looping it back through the ropes and Wrenching! The Referee's counting again, and once more Del Rio lets go just in time, but the damage might be done! Arcade staggers back into the middle of the ring. Double-knee Arm breaker! This could be it, This normally sets up for Del Rio to win the match! This time though Alberto's tweaked the Leg that Arcade had been working on. Clutching his knee, Rodriguez pulls Del Rio from the ring.

    Jim Ross: Del Rio's in a bad spot right now, to the point where he can barely stand on that injured leg. Troy Arcade has been brilliantly working him down with submissions and the like and it's one hell of a strategy.

    Alberto's taking a breather, as wounded Troy Arcade gets to his feet holding his arm now. Surveying the area, it looks like Arcade's going to fly. Arcade off the ropes! Suicide dive![b] Arcade flew between the ropes taking down both men, sending Del Rio back into the barricade! Arcade's shoulder crashed into the security wall though! Everyone's down!

    [b]Michael Cole
    : What a collision! Alberto Del Rio wisely pulling Arcade into the wall, and it worked brilliantly! That looked absolutely brutal!

    Jim Ross: Damn right it did, and at this point the first man to get to his feet is going to have a huge upper hand.

    One! It's been a great match and it's building fast toward a count-out now neither competator is moving and Ricardo's down as well!

    Two! The Ref moves to the ropes now to keep an eye on the action – but there's stilll none.

    Three Both competitors start to stir., but it could be too little too late.

    Four They're both pulling themselves up now, hands against the baricade to suppor their weight

    Five Del Rio with a hard shot to the head, of Arcade, Arcade with a chop in return.

    Six The shots continue here, Arcade gets the upper hand once again!

    Seven! Arcade sends Del Rio back into the ring!

    Eight![b] Arcade to the Apron, and up the rurnbuckle

    Moonsault! He hits it this time! Cover! That has to be it! One! Two! No!

    Jim Ross: He's got it! He's got it! One! Two! No! Somehow, some way, Alberto Del Rio managed to kick out, but damn was that a close one!

    It had to be two and seven eigths but Del Rio got his shoulder up! Arcade is stunned! He thought he'd upset the champion here. Arcade backs off now as Del Rio laboriously climbs to his feet, Del Rio with a kick to the head! No! Dragon Screw! No! Enzuguri to the head once more! Cover! One...Two... No! Del Rio seems stunned himself now, but he's getting to his feet. The referee and Del Rio begin to exchange words! Arcae with a Schoolboy! 1...2.. Kick to the head of Arcade from Del Rio! Cocina Clutch! He's got it! Del Rio has it locked in tight, what a counter!

    Despite his best efforts here in this gruelling match, the newcomer has no choice! Troy Arcade taps out!

    Winner @ 17:40: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)

    [Ricardo Rodriguez helps Del Rio out of the ring and hands him the Championship Belt as he hobbles up the ramp, gripping his right leg which is still worn out from the submission holds utilized by Arcade in the ring. The rookie gets to his feet to a huge pop of support from the crowd.]

    Jim Ross: A hard fought win on behalf of Alberto Del Rio, but one hell of a performance on the part of Troy Arcade, who is quickly establishing himself as a talented superstar with two standout performances against the World Champion. There's big things ahead for this kid.

    Michael Cole: A great, great match and folks, don't think we're even close to done yet, because we've still got lots more show to come!


    Commercial Break



    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, Michael Cole alongside Jim Ross and I think the WWE Universe is still trying to wind down from that awesome match between Alberto Del Rio and Troy Arcade that we saw before the break, just an awesome battle between two extremely talented superstars.

    Jim Ross: Couldn't have said it better myself, but in other news, this Friday Night on Smack Down, "Captain Charisma" makes his return to Smack Down for the first time in two months to host The Peep Show, and his guests? None other than International Superstar, U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro, and Cesaro's challenger at Vengeance for the gold, Brodus Clay! It should be an interesting segment to say the least!

    Zack Ryder

    It's Woo Woo Woo Time as Zack Ryder enters the arena to a huge pop! The Long Island Iced Z heads down the ramp with confidence in his step, high-fiving tons of fans as he makes his way towards the ring.

    Michael Cole: And this crowd is still just as hot for Ryder as ever! The Long Island Iced Z! is coming off a huge victory last week over Damien Sandow that nearly earned him a shot at the United States Championship. Now I respect Ryder’s accomplishments although I think he’s overrated, but he didn’t deserve that victory last week, having to use the tights to score the pinfall and end Sandow’s winning streak.

    Damien Sandow

    Before he even enters the arena, Damien Sandow gets plenty of heat from the WWE Universe as the sophisticated "martyr" of the fans makes his way to the ring, dressed in a robe and all. He enters the ring and looks at Ryder in a disgusted way.

    Jim Ross: Cole, normally I’d agree with you, but like I pointed out last week as well, Damien Sandow tried to do it first; I’m aware that two wrongs don’t make a right, but Ryder was utilizing everything around him to win and sometimes fighting fire with fire is the best way to pull that off.

    Michael Cole: Either way, Damien Sandow filed a formal complaint with the Board of Directors to have that loss last week erased from the Record Books, and we’re told he’s still waiting on an answer there; something odd has been going on with the Board of Directors as there’s been no comments or anything on the situation and state of the company right now. It’s almost like they’ve abandoned us.


    Ding ding! We're underway here as Sandow hands his robe to the Referee, and Ryder gets a crowd chant going in the corner. The two lock-up and Sandow's quick to get a headlock. Ryder shifts out, pushing him into the ropes. Rapid motion from Sandow as he scores an elbow to the face, and a second one right after, backing Ryder into the corner. Hits a few kicks to the gut, but Ryder ducks the third one and rolls to his feet. He turns Sandow around and pummels away, gaining an upper hand in the corner with a series of punches! Ryder goes for the Irish Whip, but Sandow counters, pulling him into a One-Knee Backbreaker! Cover, one, Ryder kicks out! There's too much on the line for him to screw up here. Sandow shows a little frustration, as the fans boos start to get to him, and he takes a moment to taunt the crowd. He applies a Chinlock on Ryder, trying to keep him grounded.

    "Ryder!" chants fill the arena as the WWE Universe tries to get behind the Woo Woo Woo Kid, urging him to get to his feet. Ryder tries to mount a comeback, and Sandow shifts to a Sleeper Hold, not wanting to allow him that opportunity to get back to his feet. Ryder tries to reach for the ropes, but it looks like he's starting to fade! The claps get louder, and the fans start to stomp their feet as well, doing all they can to offer support! "Check him!" Sandow orders the Referee, as the official complies and lifts Ryder's arm. It falls to the mat. A second time, and it falls again. One more and it's over! But no, Ryder stops it! Makes a fist, and starts to get to a standing position! One foot on the mat, now two! Ryder's making his way back into this! Strikes with an elbow to the gut, and a second one, and Sandow's forced to break the hold! Ryder's a bit woozy, but he scores with a huge Dropkick! Cover on Sandow, one, two, kickout again! After how badly he was embarrassed last week, there’s no way Sandow wants to take another loss tonight.


    Commercial Break


    We're back live as Sandow tries to take Ryder down with a Neckbreaker. but Ryder slips out of it! And Ryder with a right hand! A second! A third! Sandow's woozy here! Ryder goes for the Irish Whip, but Sandow counters again! Ryder rebounds -- LEG LARIAT! One! Two! Thr--NO! Sandow just barely escapes! Ryder takes him down with a Clothesline! Zack Ryder is just on fire here - Damien Sandow could be in trouble! Ryder exits to the ring apron, making his way to the top rope! He goes for a Crossbody, but Sandow catches him, counters into a Small Package! Same finish as last week, and Sandow’s got the tights, he’s gonna try this again! One, two, three—no! Ryder kicks out! Despite his complaints about unfair play Sandow tries the same move and it backfires once again! He tries a Cross-Arm Neckbreaker on Ryder, but the Woo Woo Woo Kid blocks it; goes into a Backslide! One! Two! Three!

    Winner @ 9:15: Zack Ryder

    Jim Ross: Zack Ryder does it again! Zack Ryder just pinned Damien Sandow for the second straight week in a row!

    [The crowd pops huge for Ryder’s win as he climbs to the top rope to celebrate, leaving Damien Sandow to throw a fit on the outside of the ring.]

    Jim Ross: Cole, you can’t even complain about that victory. Not only did Sandow try to blatantly go outside the rules for a second time, Ryder won fair and square! What a big win for Zack Ryder, who is just on a huge roll right now!

    Michael Cole: I’ll give him credit; he did win fair and square, but you can’t criticize Damien Sandow on doing whatever it takes to win, especially after how badly he was screwed over last week. But the thing is now, even if Sandow was to have that loss removed, he’s still got this one! Damien Sandow is supposed to be the savior of the masses, but for the second straight week in a row fan favorite Zack Ryder has picked up the victory!



    Jim Ross: And this is still to come tonight! Since making his return three weeks ago, Wade Barrett has managed to get Sheamus' attention, and he's formally challenged him to a match at Vengeance, which is something I'd love to see, two brawlers go at it, but tonight, Sheamus battles Dolph Ziggler, who has dubbed himself the WWE's most dangerous superstar.

    Michael Cole: Vengeance is shaping up to be a Pay-Per-View event that focuses on just that, it's namesake!


    Jim Ross: This is true, and perhaps no match moreso than the one that's been building between WWE Champion CM Punk and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. It'll be a one-on-one match between the two at the Pay-Per-View for the WWE Championship, and all of this came about from CM Punk's unprovoked attack on The Miz two weeks ago that caused the former reality superstar to suffer a concussion, but now that match is in limbo, as we await the Board of Directors' ruling on CM Punk's WWE status.

    Michael Cole: Word is going around backstage that CM Punk may be suspended for a much longer period of time, stripped of the Championship, or even fired, which would mean there is no Title Match at all, but we'll have to wait and see, that's still to come tonight as well!


    [The split-screen camera shows Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler making their way towards the ring. Their match, our Main Event, is next!]


    Commercial Break


    Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero)

    Major, major heat for the "Show-Off" as his music hits on the P/A, as the fans waste no time expressing their dislike for Mr. Money in the Bank and his business associate, Vickie Guerrero, as they make their way to the ring...

    Jim Ross: I've been a big, big fan of Dolph Ziggler for years now, although there are certain things about his personality I'm not in favor of, the kid is one of the best wrestlers on both Rosters right now. He's a former World Heavyweight Champion and that Money in the Bank Briefcase he's got there all but guarantees him the ability to hold it once again.


    "It's a Shameful thing!" Sheamus' music hits on the P/A to a huge pop as the Celtic Warrior makes his way onto the stage, arms outward, letting out a huge roar as he's ready to take out his frustrations in the ring tonight! As the Irish-green lighting fills the arena, Sheamus makes his way down the ramp, stopping to hand some beads to a young kid in the front row.

    Michael Cole: As much as Dolph Ziggler has been displaying this new personality as of late, taking after the man he personally put on the shelf in Randy Orton, I don't think that ruthless style is going to help him much against the Celtic Warrior, am I wrong?

    Jim Ross: Not at all, Cole. It's a very valid point, in that Sheamus isn't exactly a friendly fighter in his own right. The man loves to fight and he's a true brawler, but this isn't the first time these two have tango'd, so to speak, so I look for it to be an interesting match, for sure.

    FOURTH MATCH --- DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. SHEAMUS

    Ding ding! The bell rings to get this match underway, and Ziggler wisely keeps his distance from the Great White, knowing he's going to need a strategy because just rushing in there isn't going to get him very far. Sheamus takes the initiative and charges at Ziggler, who moves out of the way, to the other side of the ring. A loud "Sheamus" chant breaks out as Vickie Guerrero tells Ziggler to ignore it, not to let the fans get to his head. Ziggler targets the right knee, grabbing it and trying to tackle Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet to a nice pop, throwing him into the corner as Vickie Guerrero tries to get the Referee's attention, screeching at him that Sheamus pulled the hair, but the Referee simply scolds the Celtic Warrior and tells him not to do it again.

    Sheamus goes for a Corner Clothesline, but Ziggler dodges out of the way towards the center of the ring. He does a handstand, staying true to his gimmick, to plenty of heat from the crowd. Sheamus charges at him for a big Clothesline, but Ziggler ducks again, and this time scores with a Dropkick! Sheamus drops to one knee, and Ziggler hits a Running Dropkick to the face! Cover, one, two, Sheamus powers out with ease! Ziggler goes for a Clothesline of his own, maybe he can overpower Sheamus, but no, runs right into a boot to the face! The crowd pops huge! Ziggler scurries to the outside where Vickie Guerrero rushes to his aid, as Sheamus plays to the crowd and the Referee begins the count.

    Jim Ross: Sheamus with a sick shot there, that Big Boot right to the face, and Ziggler ran right into it! Can Mr. Money in the Bank find a way to get back in this, or will Sheamus pick up the win?

    Michael Cole: Sheamus can't use the Brogue Kick, we know that was reaffirmed by Smack Down General Manager Booker T on Smack Down, but can he find another way to win? We'll find out as RAW rolls on!


    Commercial Break


    We return from the break to find Ziggler in control, as he's got a Rear Chinlock locked in, having managed to pull Sheamus into the ropes during the break and gain the upper hand. The WWE Universe is in full support of the Celtic Warrior, urging him to get to his feet and get back into the match! Sheamus knows he can get back in it, he's got the crowd support, he can't let Ziggler make him look weak here, and he starts to stand! Ziggler tries to hold on, turning it into a Sleeper Hold, but Sheamus grabs him by the back of his head and throws him to the mat! Ziggler stands and almost on instinct, Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick! But he stops himself, not wanting to face a suspension!

    Ziggler takes advantage of the distraction and hits a Fame Asser! Cover, one, two, three--no! Sheamus gets the shoulder up and the crowd pops! Ziggler stands, sizing Sheamus up for the ZigZag...if he can hit it, he could very well win the match here! "Come on Sheamus, get up, loser!" He hits a few stomps to the chest as he taunts the former World Heavyweight Champion, Vickie Guerrero cheering on the outside. Sheamus stands, and Ziggler goes for it! ZIGZAG! No, wait, Sheamus blocks it with an elbow! Ziggler stumbles into the corner! Sheamus hits a Corner Clothesline! Ziggler stumbles out of the corner and right into the IRISH CURSE! Right on the knee of Sheamus! That might do it! One! Two! Two and a half! Ziggler kicks out!

    Michael Cole: What a close call! Dolph Ziggler kicked out, must've been purely on resiliency alone, but he's somehow still in the match!

    Sheamus stands, and he wants to use the Brogue Kick so badly, knowing it would be more than enough to put Ziggler away, but again hesitates. He decides to grab the legs and try the Celtic Knot instead! Ziggler resists, not wanting to let him lock it in! As the Referee checks on Ziggler, Wade Barrett hits the ring from the crowd and jumps onto the ring apron, hitting Sheamus in the back of the head with Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank Briefcase! No one even saw him until now! He ducks down quickly so the Referee doesn't see him, and Ziggler scores with the ZIGZAG!

    Cover, one, two, three!

    Winner @ 11:49: Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero)

    [Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero retreat up the ramp quickly, Ziggler taking his briefcase which Barrett had dropped and holding it up on the ramp. "Follow that!" He refuses to acknowledge Barrett's assistance in his big win.]

    Jim Ross: Thanks to the blatant attack from Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler scores another big win! The kid's on a roll, and you've got to wonder how much longer he's going to wait before cashing in that briefcase, because he's got incredible potential right now!

    Michael Cole: And look at the smirk on the face of Wade Barrett as he stands in the crowd, a safe distance from the Great White. When these two finally go at it, I feel like tensions are going to be insane!

    [Barrett stands in the crowd as Sheamus gets to his feet, holding the back of his head, but not taking his eyes off the Bareknuckle Brawler.]


    Commercial Break


    Heath Slater

    “One Man Band” hits on the P/A and Heath Slater makes his way into the arena, with a microphone in hand, but dressed in ring attire as he is scheduled to compete tonight.

    Heath Slater: Thank you, thank you, really I'm flattered. Tonight, a superstar in the back has the honor and privelege of making his WWE Debut in a match with the most talented superstar on the RAW Roster, the man who has singlehandedly turned this company into something incredible, the "One Man Band", Heath Slater, baby! I hear this kid has been waiting for a WWE Contract for eight years now. That's a cool story man, it is. But I feel bad that his Debut is going to end with his shoulders on the mat, as my hand is raised in victory, because that's how I roll, baby!

    Jason Xander

    The Australian newcomer makes his entrance to a somewhat quiet reaction, but the fans don't know him, so that's justified. He gets down on one knee on the ramp, punching the stage with his right hand, before lookin g up at his opponent...

    Michael Cole: Some strong words from Heath Slater, and this match is underway, with all these new Debuts going on lately, there's some pressure on this Jason Xander to live up to these standards you've set for him, huh J.R.?

    Jim Ross: No pressure intended. I simply said that I'm a big fan of what this kid can do in the ring and I'm excited to see him finally get the opportunity to showcase those skills on the biggest stage.


    Ding ding! The bell rings and Slater mockingly challenges the rookie to come at him, allowing him to make the first move. Xander is glad to oblige as he catches Slater with a right hook to the jaw, actually drawing a nice pop from the crowd as Slater stumbles into the corner! Xander grins as Slater's arrogance bit him in the ass, and hits a few strikes in the corner. Up next, irish whip out of the corner, but Slater counters it, looking for a Neckbreaker of sorts, and he hits it! Cover, one, two, Xander kicks out! Slater stands and drops an elbow, trying another cover, but to no avail. Slater tries to poke him in the eye, but Xander sees it coming, grabs him by the chest and lifts him up into a Powerbomb! Slams him right on his knee, what an innovative move there! Cover! One! Two! Three!

    Winner @ 1:41: Jason Xander

    Michael Cole: Xander does it! Talk about an upset, that was what, less than two minutes?! The kid picks up a big win in his Debut here on RAW!

    Jim Ross: I'm not sure what credibility Heath Slater has left at this point, but a two minute victory is almost always impressive regardless of the opponent, and wow did that Powerbomb look painful as hell. We didn't get to see much of what he's capable of in the ring tonight, but I've got my money on Jason Xander becoming a force to be reckoned with sooner rather than later.



    [The camera shows WWE Champion CM Punk and his associate, Paul Heyman, making their way towards the ring and as soon as they appear, they gets tons of heat from the crowd.]

    Jim Ross: Well, we've talked about it all night, and now's the time we get answers. The Board of Directors has sent someone to review CM Punk's status as WWE Champion after violating the terms of his suspension, and we're going to see that unfold, next!


    Commercial Break


    CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman)

    "Cult of Personality" hits on the P/A and the boos just louder, as the once super-over CM Punk has turned himself into one of the most hated men on the entire Roster. WWE Championship in hand, Punk makes his way onto the stage, smiling as he looks towards Heyman and nods. The two men walk down the ramp towards the ring, where Heyman grabs a microphone for Punk.

    Michael Cole: CM Punk's quest has become one focused on nothing but earning the respect he feels he deserves, but I along with many others believe the way he's going about it is the complete opposite of what he should be doing, especially when it comes to attacking someone like he did with The Miz, with no reason behind it.

    Jim Ross: I agree, I'm a fan of Punk's work in the ring, and up until recently, I was a fan of the man as a person as well, but I think he's become a bit too full of himself.

    Paul Heyman: First of all, I'd like to think I deserve some polite applause from you people for making every effort to be here tonight despite the intense pain I'm in from the entirely unprovoked attack at the hands of one Mike Mizanin last week here on RAW. [The crowd pops.] I was simply out here doing my job and speaking on behalf of my client and I was unfairly double-teamed by John Cena and The Miz, and yet I'm still standing here in front of all of you, showing my support for the WWE Champion, CM Punk! [This gets plenty of heat, and Punk no-sells it as he holds up the WWE Championship Belt.] And speaking of unfair, my client CM Punk was suspended because he decided to defend himself against the slander he received at the hands of another superstar? How is that fair? How is it fair that right now CM Punk's status as WWE Champion and figurehead of this company is in jeopardy? Punk does not wish to speak tonight, because he feels he has been wronged, so let's get ahead with the proceedings, and allow whoever it is that was chosen by the WWE Board of Directors to come out here and hopefully, make the right decision.

    [The camera pans to the TitanTron as a middle aged man, wearing a black suit and sporting somewhat short brown hair, makes his way down to the ring, walking briskly. He's not very recognizable at all. Upon entering the ring, Paul Heyman hands him a microphone and shakes his hand.]

    Dale Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dale Harris, and I am the representative of the WWE Board of Directors who has been chosen to speak to all of you tonight. [He gets the "What?" treatment right off the bat, almost unavoidably.] Now Mister Heyman, you pose some valid points, points that the Board of Directors has certainly discussed and taken into consideration. But the fact of the matter is, CM Punk was suspended for attacking a superstar who was acting as an announcer, and then proceeded to violate the terms of that suspension by appearing on a WWE Broadcast before the date was up. With that in mind, it seems best to allow Mister Punk to keep his job, but at the same time, to punish him by cancelling the match that has been booked for Vengeance between Punk and The Miz, and allow such a match to take place at a later time. [Tons of heat for this, as Heyman smiles a cheeky grin.] Doing such a thing deprives Mister Punk of the spotlight that he would receive on Pay-Per-View while at the same time -

    Vince McMahon

    "No Chance in Hell" hits on the P/A to a TREMENDOUS reaction, the fans leap out of their seats and cheer in excitement as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of WWE makes his way onto the stage, blatantly interrupting the Board's representative, who doesn't take too kindly to it. McMahon struts down the ramp and into the ring.

    Jim Ross: I don't believe it! It's Vince McMahon! I was surprised when McMahon wasn't revealed as the one chosen to speak for the Board, but it looks like "The Boss" might have some opinions of his own to throw around regardless! And Paul Heyman doesn't look happy at all!

    Mr. McMahon: I'm sorry, you said the name was Dale, Dale Harris? [The man nods, and the crowd boos.] Who the HELL are you?! [McMahon gets in his face in typical Vince fashion, getting a huge pop.] I don't recall having a say in this Board of Directors meeting and the last time I checked, I was the one in charge of it. Mr. Harris, if you'd be so kind as to get your scrawny little ass out of my ring before I do it myself. [Another huge pop.]

    Paul Heyman: Vince, how nice to see you again. Listen, we don't need to turn this into some huge charade. The ruling has been passed down, we can call it a night and go off the air in peace, don't you think? ["You Suck!" chants fill the arena.]

    Mr. McMahon: You'd like that, wouldn't you Paul? I bet CM Punk would like that, too. [Vince locks eyes with Punk, who says nothing.] That's just too damn bad! You see, the way I see it, CM Punk has become nothing but an embarrassment to the WWE Championship. All this clamoring for respect, it's undeserved, because you've become nothing but a little bastard! [The crowd pops.] On top of that, I booked the match between you and The Miz for Vengeance, and as far as I'm concerned, it's still on! In fact, while we're at it, let's make it a Street Fight! [McMahon is on a rampage here, and the fans are eating up every second of it. Heyman looks scared out of his boots and Punk continues to show no reaction to the whole thing.] And as for -

    CM Punk: Vince, Vince, let me stop you right there. [Tons of heat for Punk.] If I have to compete against The Miz at Vengeance, I can live with that. My problem stands in the fact that last week, The Miz put his hands on Paul Heyman and yet nothing has been done about that. For someone trying to make things fair, it seems you're showing favoritism, and I don't appreciate that. I deserve respect from each and every one of these ingrates including you, Vince. And if you don't show me that respect, I'll beat it out of you. [Punk gets in Vince's face.]

    Vince McMahon: So you want to threaten me, Punk? Is that the game you want to play? You know what, you're right. The Miz did put his hands on Paul Heyman last week, so I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to give Paul Heyman a chance at retribution. Next week, right here on RAW, it's going to be Paul Heyman one-on-one with The Miz! [There's a huge pop from the crowd as Heyman tries to talk his way out of it, but McMahon isn't having any of it.] And as for you, Punk? You're right, you do deserve to be taken seriously and treated with respect. [The crowd boos.] So next week on RAW, you'll be competing as well, in the Main Event, against this man...


    "Feed Me More" hits on the P/A to an insane pop as Ryback makes his way onto the stage.

    Jim Ross: Business has just picked up! What a ruling passed down from the Chairman of the Board! The Championship Match is still on, and next week on RAW, CM Punk will face the man he attacked this past Friday Night on Smack Down!

    Michael Cole: Plus, let's not forget The Miz will do battle with Paul Heyman!

    [Ryback leads the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant as he stares down Punk from the ramp. Heyman continues to panic as Punk stares at the WWE Championship, gripping it tightly.]

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