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    The Jet's Soliloquy


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    The Jet's Soliloquy Empty The Jet's Soliloquy

    Post  bennyidol6433 on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:31 am

    Benny is seen doing several different poses in front of a mirror.

    Benny: Hello there all you Jet Addicts, I... Am Benny "The Jet" Idol, and I am the closest thing to perfection that you will see in the WWE. I am like if you take Rick Rude's ravishing good looks, Curt Henning's ring performance, and The Ultimate Warrior's charisma! You can not reach the level of absolute, astonishing greatness that is Benny Idol! Do not take my flashy, glitzy ring attire so lightly because I will show you moves that WILL end the match as soon as I see fit. If I can end Freddie Prinze Jr., James Van Der Beek AND Jason Big's acting career all in the same year, then I KNOW I can end your wrestling career! Just be prepared, for when you see me climb the turnbuckle, you WILL see The Jet soar and I WILL drop The Benny Bomb down on you!

    Camera goes dark as Benny looks in the mirror one last time for another "astonishing" pose

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