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    Introducing "The Expert"


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    Introducing "The Expert" Empty Introducing "The Expert"

    Post  Bleakradiance on Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:39 am

    Troy Arcade sits in the locker room dressed in his wrestling attire plus a black Tee shirt. Arcade is clearly sweating from an intense workout, though he isn't panting. In the background the non-distinct sound of televised wrestling can be heard playing. Arcade is staring, focused at the off-screen TV at first. Finally, as the bell rings and theme music picks up, Arcade takes his remote, and with a click, turns the Television off. Looking to the Camera now Troy speaks, his voice is reasonably deep though not overwhelmingly so.

    Troy Arcade: I spent my all teenage years in rooms like this. Training, warming up, fetching water for the guys above me, learning from them. Learning how backstage politics works, everything that happens in these rooms I went through. You know why? Because I wanted a shot at walking out to that ring, and wrestling. Not performing, not entertaining, but wrestling. That doesn't mean I don't care about the fans of this sport. I do, because you're the people who pay our checks, so let me say this right now because I might not do it again. Thank you.

    Arcade stands up now.

    Troy Arcade: Ever since I was young, I've dreamed of doing this. Growing up in Canada, wrestling was a massive thing for me, I used to watch great Canadian stars, the loved and the hated. Even before I went through wrestling training I knew all manor of moves and any number of counters. I worked hard to know it all, because I wanted to be the best wrestler alive one day. As I grew, I watched wrestling over and over again, the same matches, just learning how it all worked, studying. Watching, and learning.

    Finally, when I was old enough. Wrestling school after wrestling school. I went to every one that would have me. I may not have made it to the Hart Family Dungeon, but I didn't need it. I grew. I learned moves the Dungeon wouldn't teach I learned truly global styles as I was taught by the best from all around the world, and now, after wrestling my way through the independents and climbing a ladder of beaten wrestlers and damaged legs, here I am, in the WWE. To bring the "Wrestling" back to World Wrestling Entertainment. My name is "The Expert" Troy Arcade.

    With that, Arcade can be seen beginning another round of working out, the camera fades to black.

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