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    Californian King's Ruling


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    Californian King's Ruling Empty Californian King's Ruling

    Post  Iamdave92 on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:40 pm

    The camera is shown walking up to Garrett Mayard's locker room..

    Hello my name is Garrett Mayard, but all of you will refer to me as The Californian King. I will be gracing all of you with my presence on Smack Down in one week. I will show all of you what it means to be a true performer. Me and my partner are going to SOAR to the top of the tag team division until we capture the unified tag team titles! Everyone should be on the look out for the two newest rising stars of the WWE. Not only have we had the same training we have been through the same wrestling so we will be able to function 100% as a PERFECT team. Now leave me so i can get back to my training.

    The camera pans the room and shows the king's intense workout before leaving the locker room area.

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