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    Friday Night Smack Down - 9.21.2012

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    Friday Night Smack Down - 9.21.2012

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:02 pm

    "Let It Roll" by Divide the Day opens the show for us as the camera pans throughout the arena, taking in tons of shots and facial expressions of the near thirteen thousand screaming, cheering, excited fans that make up the WWE Universe tonight! Fireworks, blue to match Smack Down's color scheme, explode across the stage as the fans are rearing and ready to go!

    Josh Matthews: Good evening everyone and welcome to Friday Night Smack Down! We're here for another exciting night right here on SyFy, and we thank you for joining us as we're hot off the heels of an extremely newsworthy Night of Champions Pay-Per-View just six nights ago!

    Michael Cole: I'm Michael Cole alongside Josh Matthews and Josh you're right, but while Night of Champions was huge, there's been so many people talking about the events that took place this past Monday Night on RAW, blowing up social media, our website, as well as other means of discussion too between fans who couldn't believe what they saw!

    Josh Matthews: We'll get to that a bit later tonight and show you exactly what Cole is referring to, but what a night it was, especially the extremely graphic final segment which we will see at some point, and as a result of such, CM Punk has been suspended from Monday Night RAW and any and all WWE programming until October 1st; shows with actions come some severe consequences, even if you're the WWE Champion.

    Michael Cole: And on top of that, the Board of Directors have ruled that as a result of his actions, CM Punk's Championship Reign may be in jeopardy. This is due in part to the fact that The Miz, the man Punk assaulted, was acting as an announcer when he was attacked, and such goes against the new policy against striking a Commentator. Plenty of reasons to tune in to programming over the next couple of weeks for sure.

    Josh Matthews: But enough about that for now, after all this isn't RAW, it's Smack Down, and we've got a huge Main Event in store tonight!

    TONIGHT -- Alberto del Rio's Championship Gauntlet

    Michael Cole: That's right, I almost forgot! The new World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio announced on Monday Night that he was planning to take some time off and return to Mexico for a huge victory celebration, and that he refused to defend his Title against anyone who couldn't defeat him in a Non-Title Match first. In a way, Booker T abliged, telling Del Rio that if he could win a Three-Man Gauntlet tonight, he'd get that paid vacation! But if he loses, well then Del Rio has to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against whatever man defeats him!

    Josh Matthews: Should be awesome, but that's not all we've got tonight, take a look at this! It's a Beat the Clock Series tonight between eight men, as we prepare to name a brand new Number One Contender for the WWE United States Championship!


    -- Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder
    -- Brodus Clay vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel vs. R Truth
    -- Kofi Kingston vs. Tyson Kidd
    -- Sin Cara vs. Dolph Ziggler -- TONIGHT

    Michael Cole: Throughout the evening, we'll see these eight men compete in matches, and whoever wins in the fastest time will earn themselves a match against United States Champion Antonio Cesaro at Vengeance! Should be a good one!

    Antonio Cesaro (w/Aksana)

    Almost right on cue, Cesaro's music hits on the TitanTron as he enters the arena, the lovely Aksana on his arm, and the United States Championship Belt around his waist. He makes his way down the ramp, mocking the fans as he finds himself to be above them. They head towards the Announce Table, as this Series will be getting underway right from the get-go.

    Michael Cole: And speaking of Cesaro, here he is now, and it appears Cesaro and Aksana will be joining us for the start of this series, maybe to scout the competition a bit and get an idea as to who his first challenger following Santino Marella may be.

    Antonio Cesaro: No need for introductions, as far as I'm concerned I'm just here to watch, perhaps offer some insight here and there, continue as normal.

    Josh Matthews: Quite the pleasant introduction from our United States Champion, and if you guys take just a second to check out the bottom corner of the screen, you'll see the timer, which will start at zero for this first match as these two get to set the time. And I'd like to think that the first two competitors in a series like this are always the least unfortunate because once a time has been set, it's much easier to work towards a time to beat.

    Antonio Cesaro: The funny part is, it doesn't really matter which one of them wins, because I have no intentions of letting go of this title. Truly bringing prestige and honor to such a lowly belt by allowing someone of my stature to hold it.

    Josh Matthews: Well here we go, it looks like we'll be getting things underway tonight with the first of four matches, and I believe the high-flying Kofi Kingston will try and tear it down with Tyson Kidd!

    Kofi Kingston

    Kofi Kingston enters the ring to a loud crowd response, with his half of the WWE Tag Team Gold over his shoulder as he sets off his pyro on the ramp. Flying solo tonight as R Truth will be competing later tonight in his own Beat the Clock Match, Kingston hurries to the ring, looking to pick up a victory and add another Championship to his collection.

    Michael Cole: Kofi Kingston is always exhilirating in the ring; there's a reason he and R Truth have held the Championships for as long as they have, but tonight isn't about Tag Team Competition. Kingston's got one heck of a challenge on his hands in Tyson Kidd.

    Josh Matthews: No way I can argue that point, but let's not forget Kingston is a former United States Champion as well as a former Intercontinental Champion; he's got experience in this big-time settings and can really put on quite the performance.

    Tyson Kidd

    "The Prodigy" Tyson Kidd makes his way to the ring next to a nice response, also flying solo as Justin Gabriel's got a match of his own later tonight. Kidd slaps hands with a few fans before sliding into the ring, ready to take on an opponent he's faced before, but knowing that the stakes are much higher this time around.

    FIRST MATCH -- KOFI KINGSTON vs. TYSON KIDD [Beat the Clock Match]

    DING DING! We're underway here with the first match of the evening, and what better way to get the crowd into the show than with a fast-paced, high-athleticism match like this? The two shake hands briefly to start, and Tyson shifts right into an arm drag. Kofi lands on his feet, and Tyson takes him down with a second arm drag. He looks to ground him, but Kingston's quick to move away. Tyson charges him in the corner, but Kingston moves and Tyson's able to stop himself quickly. Few right hands from Kofi, mounting some offense, as he irish whips Kidd into the ropes! Kofi leapfrogs him on the rebound, and Kidd takes advantage there, catching Kofi with a Lariat! Cover, one, no! Definitely some fast-paced exchanges here in the early going as Kidd goes with another arm drag. Keeping Kofi down temporarily, he gets an armbar locked in, applying pressure to the right arm, but Kofi rolls through, twisting the arm and countering with a takedown of his own.

    Kidd's back up now, and Kofi takes him down with a Clothesline! And a second one! Off the third, and Kofi adds a bit of height to this one with a jump from the canvas! Kidd's down! Cover! One, two, kickout! Both men back to their feet as they lock-up, test of strength, and Tyson Kidd wisely manuevers into a waistlock. He takes Kofi down to the mat, demonstrating that awesome Hart-Dungeon wrestling ability. Kidd goes for a Front Headlock, but Kofi powers out fast, knowing the longer he stays down and allows Kidd to pick him apart, the sooner he'll be on the losing end of this one. With the crowd behind him, Kofi gets to his feet and throws over his shoulders for a modified back drop! And Kofi hits a Dropkick here!

    Cover again, one, two, Tyson kicks out again! Kofi exits to the ring apron, making his way towards the top rope as he looks to follow up. Tyson springs to his feet ala Kurt Angle, and runs to the corner, into the ropes on purpose to crotch Kofi on top! Tyson springs upwards from the canvas, nailing an Inziguri to the side of the head! Kofi falls to the canvas and that might about do it! Kidd turns him over, hooks the legs there, one, two, thr--Kofi gets the shoulder up! So, so close on that one!

    Michael Cole: After just hearing the sound of that move, I thought for sure Tyson Kidd might have been able to pull it off, but Kofi Kingston's resilency shining through there!

    Josh Matthews: I wouldn't count Tyson Kidd out just yet; he's got the opening now and follow-up is key. Kofi Kingston becomes extremely dangerous when he starts to build momentum with that "controlled" frenzy, and we could very well be seeing that here.

    Winning as quickly as he can is key here, and Tyson knows it. He sizes Kofi up from a standing position, looking for Code Blue, and the fans start to will behind Kingston, urging him to get back in this! The clock continues to run as Kidd decides not to waste any more time, grabbing Kofi and forcing him to his feet. But perhaps the hesitancy could cost him, Kofi catches him with an elbow to the face! Kidd backs up, and stumbles right into TROUBLE IN PARADISE! The kick hits from out of nowhere! Kofi falls into the pin! One, two, three!

    Winner @ 11:18: Kofi Kingston

    Michael Cole: And in typical Kofi Kingston fashion, the Champ scores with the victory! It almost looked as though Tyson Kidd had it, but I think his realization that the clock was going, and the decision to rush into things let Kofi catch him off-guard, and that was the opening Kingston needed.

    Josh Matthews: With 11:18, Kofi Kingston has set the time to beat, and considering the athletic nature of the two guys, I'd say that's not too bad a time at all. If anything, for sure the Dark Horse in this tournament is Brodus Clay, a man we've seen dominate countless opponents in near-record time.

    Michael Cole: Agreed, and I'd like to think the fact that they're doing it in a Fatal-Four-Way Match actually gives the other combatants a chance to wear the big man down!

    [Kofi Kingston celebrates his victory on the turnbuckles as Antonio Cesaro stands up from his seat at the Desk, sharing a stare-down. The two men have never faced off, but such a thing could be a very real possibility if Kingston can maintain the time to beat.]


    Commercial Break


    [We return to the show as Matt Striker is standing backstage alongside Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, collectively the Prime Time Players. Dressed in clearly expensive street clothes, the two get a pretty lackluster reaction from the crowd, but they don't appear to be as happy-go-lucky tonight as usual.]

    Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen I'm Matt Striker, and I'm standing by with the Prime Time Players, now guys this past Sunday at Night of Champions you were defeated by Kofi Kingston an R Truth for the third time in a Tag Championship Match, does this mean perhaps it's time to...maybe hone your skills as a Tag Team, or even go your seperate ways? I mean, with all due respect, something about the formula doesn't seem to be working, especially with the events that transpired this past Monday Night on RAW. Your thoughts?

    Titus O'Neil: I got this, I got this. [The crowd boos.] Are you being serious right now, man? Did you just suggest that it's time for the Prime Time Players to call it quits? Striker, you are looking at the greatest tag team in the WWE today! We're on that bank status, making millions of dollars whether or not we're holding Championship Gold! But don't you worry, because it's only a matter of time before PTP becomes the Tag Team Champions. We've had a few off nights, but Kofi and Truth can only avoid us for so long before its our time to shine!

    Matt Striker: Fair enough; I'm sure you gentlemen know what you're doing. But on another note, Darren this past Monday on RAW you scored what some people are calling the biggest upset of your career over the Big Red Machine, Kane. The two of you seem to have angered him, and with the odd twist of Daniel Bryan in the mix, are you at all concerned that you might have some more serious problems awaiting?

    Darren Young: Let me make something clear, that victory, it wasn't an upset at all. The only thing "upset" about that victory was Kane after I outwrestled and defeated him. With that in mind, if Kane and Daniel Bryan want to form an alliance of some sort, we ain't intimidated at all. In fact, this Monday on RAW, we want everyone to tune in, because the Prime Time Players are gonna send a message to both Kane and Daniel Bryan. And that's a guarantee.


    Josh Matthews: Strong words from the Prime Time Players, who just can't seem to get the job done. They get close, but I believe it's the arrogance among the two of them that just holds them back from really winning the big one. Still, putting themselves on Kane's radar isn't exactly something I'd suggest. I've been on the receiving end of a Chokeslam before, and it's far from fun.

    Michael Cole: I don't doubt that, but another interesting thing to factor in here is Daniel Bryan's involvement here. We saw Daniel Bryan come to Kane's aid at Night of Champions, as well as Monday on RAW, but last I understood these two men were bitter enemies. People are wondering whether or not the anger management may have paid off, but neither Daniel Bryan nor Kane have commented on the matter.

    Josh Matthews: Well, with PTP's warning, I can only guess we'll see both Bryan and Kane on RAW, but what role they'll be playing is anyone's guess. With that in mind, it's time for the next match in the Beat the Clock Series tonight as we continue to try and find a challenger for Antonio Cesaro's United States Championship!

    Sin Cara

    Multi-colored lights throughout the arena can only mean one thing, as the mysterious Sin Cara makes his way onto the stage, dressed in red and white ring attire, as he prepares to join the competition towards the United States Gold! He runs down the ramp and flips into the ring, setting off pyro from the ring corners.

    Michael Cole: I always love watching Sin Cara in action, but tonight, I'm not sure I'd want to be Sin Cara, as his opponent is a man who appears to have gone off the deep end as of late.

    Josh Matthews: That's right, Dolph Ziggler displayed a side of him we've never really seen before when he took out Randy Orton this past Monday, and we've gotten updated reports which confirm Randy Orton has suffered a break in two points in his arm, and will miss an indefinite amount of ring time.

    Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero

    Major, major heat for the "Show-Off" as his music hits on the P/A, as the fans waste no time expressing their dislike for Mr. Money in the Bank. However, after a couple of minutes go by, Dolph Ziggler is nowhere to be seen.

    Josh Matthews: Ziggler is scheduled to compete here tonight, but I don't see him...

    [As Sin Cara watches the TitanTron, Ziggler hits the ring through the crowd, and the fans' overwhelmingly loud heat isn't enough to alert Sin Cara to his presence in time! Ziggler slides in the ring and blasts Sin Cara in the skull with the briefcase, very similar to his attack on Orton on RAW.]

    Michael Cole: Did you hear that?! What a brutal shot!

    ["You Suck" chants fill the arena as Vickie Guerrero supports her man. Ziggler positions himself for the ZigZag, and delivers it just as Sin Cara starts to stand!]

    Josh Matthews: Dolph Ziggler with a blindside attack on Sin Cara! What the hell is going on in that mind of his?

    Michael Cole: Well, he's got a microphone now, so I'm assuming maybe he'll tell us himself. I know Ziggler's always been relatively brash, but his actions as of late are just strange.

    Dolph Ziggler: You people are absolutely worthless. To sit there in those seats on your fat-asses booing me for being the best athlete I can be is the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen. [The boos get louder.] Don't boo me because I took out Sin Cara; did anyone really think this match was going to happen? Do you really think that the man who took out Randy Orton and put him on the injured list with a broken arm in the span of five minutes is going to waste his time with a garbage flashy act like that? I'm above the United States Championship. I've been there and done that, and I have no reason to waste my time trying to earn a title that hasn't held any prestige since the days of my Championship Reign when in my hands I hold the briefcase to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. See I'm putting the entire Roster on notice. I've taken out the most devastating, "twisted" man Randy Orton on the whole roster, and I didn't even break a sweat. As far as I'm concerned, there is no one on this roster who can even hold a candle to me inside the ring, and outside the ring I'm just as much a force to be reckoned with. And that's not showing-off. I'm done being treated like a Mid-Card act when I'm clearly the star of the show. And if I'm not going to be given that opportunity through hard work, I'll just go around taking out anyone who gets in my way until people start to realize just how serious I am.

    [Ziggler stares into the camera, then drops the microphone on the mat as the Referee checks on Sin Cara.]

    Josh Matthews: Dolph Ziggler has lost it; this obsession with Randy Orton and defeating him has led him in the wrong direction in my opinion; things are just getting out of hand here lately.

    Michael Cole: I tend to agree, but at the same time, there's no doubt people are going to be taking Ziggler seriously after that display. In regards to the Beat the Clock Series, I've just been informed that since this match never officially started, the time to beat is still 11:18! There are two more matches tonight as the Series continues, but coming up next, we're gonna take you back to this Monday Night and show you what happened between CM Punk and The Miz, who I was doing Commentary with throughout the show...


    Commercial Break


    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smack Down, and ladies and gentlemen what you're about to see is extremely violent in nature, and I was asked to advise Viewer Discretion just for the younger people out there; I've been a big supporter of CM Punk and I feel he deserves the respect he's been asking for, but I stand by the statement that his actions crossed a line. Let's take you back.



    "Welcome back folks, and I'm being joined at ringside by The Miz tonight..." Michael Cole's voice cuts out with static as the camera focuses on The Miz, seated at the Announce Desk to start the show.

    "Well ladies and gentlemen, it's been a huge show so far, but we're not quite done yet! Still to come, we've got a huge Main Event as the former World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, still seething over the defeat at the hands of Del Rio last night, looks to put himself right back on the map as he takes on WWE Champion CM Punk! It's the match we were supposed to have three weeks ago, but we'll get it for sure tonight!" Michael Cole's voice cuts out once more...

    "I'm not a huge fan of CM Punk's decision to rely on Paul Heyman, especially this late into his title reign, and I think Punk's competent enough to compete on his own. With Punk's Heyman-aided victory last night, I'm watching to see if he can score this victory on his own..."

    "I'm not a huge fan of CM Punk's decision to rely on Paul Heyman..."


    "After all, John Cena is the poster boy of this company. It doesn't matter how many times he loses, you'll still come out here and cheer him, and boo him, but regardless of your chants, each and every one of you, including the people in the back and management themselves, respect John Cena. For some reason though, I don't have that! Now that brings me to the man seated at the Announce Desk tonight, The Miz."

    After a still shot of Punk in the ring, the camera pans back to Miz once more.

    "You said something about me needing Paul Heyman's help to win, and that I should spend more time focusing on matches than attacking announcers, is that right? What, may I ask, gives you the right to say something like that about me?"

    "I stand before you the Intercontinental Champion and while it's not the World Title, I'm damn proud to say I haven't needed anyone's help to hold onto this Belt. I haven't paraded around here demanding respect, I haven't hired an agent to try and persuade these people to cheer me. Whether they love me or hate me, the WWE Universe and I have always had the same relationship. I'm not out to impress them, and they're not out to impress me. I'm here because I want to win, and that's what I do each and every week."

    "Miz, you have no credibility at all. Sure, you Main Evented Wrestlemania, but were you the focal point? No. It was all about Cena and Rock. This company is all about favoritism and ratings. Always has been, always will be and the fact that you can't see that makes me sad because Miz, I respect you as a competitor. But to hear you talk about me as though you're my superior, makes me laugh. You're nothing more than a reality show hasbeen who wants nothing more than to make it big. A joke. Someone who doesn't belong in my ring."

    "You know what I can say about Jerry Lawler? He's more deserving of respect than you. At least he didn't sell out for a Championship Belt and a few DVD's."

    The camera show's Punk's microphone shot in slow motion as Miz falls to the mat. As the fans try to get behind the Miz, we see a warped version of the emotionless expression on Punk's face, and a replay of the chair around the neck as Miz begins to bleed from the mouth.

    "Do you respect me now?!"
    "Do you?!"
    "Respect..." Punk's voice trails off as the camera zooms in on his face, standing over a bloodied and nearly unconscious Miz...



    UP NEXT -- DAMIEN SANDOW vs. ZACK RYDER (Beat the Clock Series)


    Commercial Break


    Zack Ryder

    It's Woo Woo Woo Time as Zack Ryder enters the arena to a huge pop! The Long Island Iced Z heads down the ramp with confidence in his step, high-fiving tons of fans as he makes his way towards the ring.

    Michael Cole: This is a big match for Zack Ryder, who really got the biggest start of his career when he captured the United States Championship in December last year, but since he lost it, things just haven't been going as well for him. If he can get back on track here, he could very well find himself holding that Gold once again.

    Damien Sandow

    Before he even enters the arena, Damien Sandow gets plenty of heat from the WWE Universe as the sophisticated "martyr" of the fans makes his way to the ring, dressed in a robe and all. He enters the ring and looks at Ryder in a disgusted way.

    Josh Matthews: Damien Sandow has yet to be pinned since joining the Smack Down Roster, and to be fair, he's really started to establish himself as a credible superstar; some have even said he's worthy of a spot in the Main Event. I'd like to think it's rather obvious that Zack Ryder is the underdog here, but I'm not going to count him out just yet.

    SECOND MATCH -- ZACK RYDER vs. DAMIEN SANDOW (Beat the Clock Series)

    DING DING! We're underway here as Sandow hands his robe to the Referee, and Ryder gets a crowd chant going in the corner. The two lock-up and Sandow's quick to get a headlock. Ryder shifts out, pushing him into the ropes. Rapid motion from Sandow as he scores an elbow to the face, and a second one right after, backing Ryder into the corner. Hits a few kicks to the gut, but Ryder ducks the third one and rolls to his feet. He turns Sandow around and pummels away, gaining an upper hand in the corner with a series of punches! Ryder goes for the Irish Whip, but Sandow counters, pulling him into a One-Knee Backbreaker! Cover, one, Ryder kicks out! There's too much on the line for him to screw up here. Sandow shows a little frustration, as the fans boos start to get to him, and he takes a moment to taunt the crowd. He applies a Chinlock on Ryder, trying to keep him grounded.

    "Ryder!" chants fill the arena as the WWE Universe tries to get behind the Woo Woo Woo Kid, urging him to get to his feet. Ryder tries to mount a comeback, and Sandow shifts to a Sleeper Hold, not wanting to allow him that opportunity to get back to his feet. Ryder tries to reach for the ropes, but it looks like he's starting to fade! The claps get louder, and the fans start to stomp their feet as well, doing all they can to offer support! "Check him!" Sandow orders the Referee, as the official complies and lifts Ryder's arm. It falls to the mat. A second time, and it falls again. One more and it's over! But no, Ryder stops it! Makes a fist, and starts to get to a standing position! One foot on the mat, now two! Ryder's making his way back into this! Strikes with an elbow to the gut, and a second one, and Sandow's forced to break the hold! Ryder's a bit woozy, but he scores with a huge Dropkick!

    Michael Cole: Both men are down, but Zack Ryder has managed to turn things in his favor! Can he capitalize as Smack Down rolls on?!


    Commercial Break


    We're back live as Sandow goes for a Running Powerslam, but Ryder slips out of it, landing on his feet! And Ryder with a right hand! A second! A third! Sandow's woozy here! Ryder goes for the Irish Whip, but Sandow counters again! Ryder rebounds -- LEG LARIAT! One! Two! Thr--NO! Sandow just barely escapes! Ryder takes him down with a Clothesline! Zack Ryder is just on fire here - Damien Sandow could be in trouble! Ryder exits to the ring apron, making his way to the top rope! He goes for a Crossbody, but Sandow catches him, counters into a Small Package! AND SANDOW'S GOT THE TIGHTS! The Referee doesn't see it! One! Two! Wait, Ryder somehow reverses it, no way, Ryder grabs the tights this time! One! Two! Three!

    Winner @ 8:50: Zack Ryder

    Josh Matthews: Ryder's done it! Zack Ryder just upset Damien Sandow! This is huge!

    Michael Cole: Ryder used the tights! How could the Referee have not seen that?! This is ridiculous!

    Josh Matthews: Oh come on Cole, Sandow tried it first! Zack Ryder just gave Sandow a taste of his own medicine, and ended "our martyr's" undefeated streak! I can't believe what we're seeing here!

    [Zack Ryder celebrates with the fans, as Damien Sandow throws a fit in the ring, in disbelief at the loss. He slams the mat in anger as the crwod continues to cheer for Ryder.]

    Michael Cole: With that win, the time to beat is now 8:50! With one more match to go, it should be interesting to see whether or not Ryder's time is enough to take him to the Championshop match!

    Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen when we return, I'm told we're going to get some answers from Wade Barrett after his unprovoked attack on the Celtic Warrior Sheamus on RAW this Monday!


    Commercial Break


    Some people are just...some people are just not with it. Me? I've always been with it. I was born with it, I've lived with it, and I take it with me everywhere I go. That is what makes me the talent that I am.

    In the entire span of my career, nothing has ever been handed to me. I have busted my ass week in and week out to make it to the WWE, and now that I'm here, it's about time I start to take things. It's time I start to take "it". Because that's what I deserve.

    I am Garrett Mayard...and I am coming to Smack Down.


    Wade Barrett

    "Just Don't Care Anymore" hits on the P/A to some solid heat, but not as much as Wade Barrett himself receives in person as the fans still aren't used to the theme. Dressed in a button down t-shirt and jeans, Wade Barrett makes his way onto the stage, microphone in hand.

    Wade Barrett: Well, well, well. It's funny how things have changed since I've returned, isn't it? It's been almost four weeks, but for some reason people still weren't taking me seriously in the slightest. I defeated superstar after superstar, and still nothing. Though I'm pretty sure I can understand. I mean, defeating nobodies like Yoshi Tatsu and Santino Marella isn't exactly reason to take someone seriously. So that's why I decided to take matters into my own hands, and send a message through someone that the fans, you ingrates, know and love. The "Celtic Warrior", Sheamus. [The crowd pops at the reference.] All week long everyone's been asking me to make some kind of explanation as to why I targeted Sheamus, and I have to ask, is one necessary? I mean, what better way to re-establish yourself than to take out someone who claims he's the toughest s.o.b around? Sheamus and I share similar backgrounds, and that's interesting to me, because we both worked our way up, made it to the USA, and well, as much as I hate to compliment him, he's come quite far. But there's one thing Sheamus is not; Wade Barrett. I fully expect Sheamus to come for revenge, and when he does, I welcome the challenge. Sheamus, you're going to be the reason why people realize Wade Barrett is going places.

    Michael Cole: Well, he didn't really say much, but I must say Wade Barrett's explanation is different than I was expecting. To use Sheamus as a launching pad; I can understand that. Still, was it a wise decision?

    Josh Matthews: Barrett's a former bareknuckle fighter and he can hold his own in a figt, but Sheamus' is always coming off a loss to Del Rio and it's safe to assume that he's even more frustrated with Barrett...this has the potential to be huge.


    Commercial Break


    [Back from the break, as Matt Striker is standing by with Damien Sandow, who has a towel over his shoulders, still recovering from his match earlier.]

    Matt Striker: I'm standing by with Damien Sandow, and if I could just get your thoughts about your loss to Zack Ryder earlier that ended your undefeated streak here on Smack Down?

    Damien Sandow: This entire thing is ludicrous. Apparently I'm the only one who noticed Zack Ryder blatantly using the tights to pick up a victory. Not only was that absolutely laughable, as is the fact that I was screwed out of my United States Championship Match, but my undefeated streak which I have worked so hard and with such earnest determination to achieve, was ripped out from under me in seconds. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to speak to General Manager Booker T. I plan to get this loss overturned.


    [From one sophisticated superstar to another, the camera pans to Booker t's office, where Alberto del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are standing, anything but pleased with the decision to book a Gauntlet.]

    Alberto del Rio: This whole thing is stupid! I am the World Heavyweight Champion, there is no one in this company on my level! I deserve plenty of time off after how hard I worked to get there! You've done nothing to show your concern for Ricardo who took a Brogue Kick and is still recovering, and now you're putting me at risk by forcing me to compete against not one, but three men. And I--

    [Del Rio is interrupted by a knock on the door.]

    A fit, athletically built, dark haired young man enters the room. His short cut hair bears a longer fringe overhanging his eye slightly. Del Rio is noticeably angered by the interruption.

    Alberto del Rio: Who the hell is this?

    Troy Arcade: My apologies for interrupting, sir. [He speaks to Booker T, offering his hand, which Booker promptly shakes.] The name's Troy, Troy Arcade. We spoke on the phone earlier this week? You asked me to be here tonight?

    Alberto del Rio: Excuse me, but I'm a Champion, and this is much more important than anything you've got to say. We're working on something here.

    Booker T: Hold up a minute dawg. Troy, I'm glad you're here. That's right, I asked you to be here tonight because I was gonna pencil you in for a Debut Match, but I've got a much better idea. I've had more than enough of Del Rio's whining, so here's what I'm gonna do. Son, consider yourself lucky; tonight, you've got the chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. [The crowd pops as Del Rio appears even more angered.] That's right, I tell ya what, why don't you go get your gear on, you're gonna be the first competitor in tonight's Gauntlet Match. Now can you dig that, sucka?!


    Michael Cole: Is he serious? We knew Troy Arcade had been signed to a contract and I was under the impression that he'd be debuting soon, but putting him in the Gauntlet Match? He's gonna get picked apart by Del Rio!

    Josh Matthews: It's not often a new superstar has such a huge opportunity on his first night, but it looks like Troy Arcade was in the right place at the right time here! We've got a new superstar and he'll be the first one competing in the World Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet Match!

    Brodus Clay

    Grab your phones and call your momma, it's Brodus Clay! The Funkasaurus and his Funkettes make their way onto the stage to a huge pop as the huge disco ball hanging above the ring begins to spin.

    Michael Cole: And here comes Brodus Clay! When we return, it's time for the final Beat the Clock Series Match as we've got a Fatal Four Way! Can one of these four men beat Zack Ryder's time of 8:50? We'll find out, next!

    UP NEXT -- BRODUS CLAY vs. CODY RHODES vs. JUSTIN GABRIEL vs. R TRUTH (Beat the Clock Series)


    Commercial Break



    DING DING! Back from the break, everyone is in the ring, and 8:50 is the time to beat, as the clock is set to get things going. The three smaller men decide to team up to work on Brodus Clay from the get-go, and they try and back him into the corner. But Clay will have none of it! Clay takes Rhodes down with a Headbutt, sending him stumbling! Gabriel goes for a right hand, but Clay blocks that too, and strikes with another Headbutt! A few right hands to Truth and Clay throws him over the ropes to the outside! He does a quick jiggle in the center of the ring to a nice pop, before turning his attention to Cody Rhodes. There's not a ton of time on the clock, and everyone's aware of that.

    Justin Gabriel hits a dropkick, causing Clay to stumble, but he can't take him off his feet! With Rhodes' help, a double Dropkick takes him down! Cover by Gabriel, one, two, but Rhodes pulls him off! Rhodes hits a kick to the side of the head of Gabriel and tries a cover of his own on Clay! Just a one count as Clay throws Rhodes across the ring! R Truth gets back in the ring, climbing onto the top turnbuckle! He goes for a Missle Dropkick, and it connects as he takes Gabriel off his feet!

    Truth turns around right into a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER from Cody Rhodes! Everything's breaking down in here! And Rhodes goes for the cover, but Brodus - Brodus Clay hits a SPLASH! While Rhodes is in the cover and all! Clay pulls Rhodes off of Truth, covers Rhodes, one, two, three!

    Winner @ 4:00: Brodus Clay

    Michael Cole: Brodus wins it! In four minutes no less! Less than half Zack Ryder's time is all it took for Brodus Clay to get around three other men, and that speaks volumes about the man's dominance!

    Josh Matthews: If I was Antonio Cesaro, I'd be taking my match very seriously. What a decimation this match was!


    Commercial Break


    Michael Cole: In four weeks time, WWE Presents Vengeance! We'd like to thank The Veer Union for "Seasons", the Official Theme of the Pay-Per-View!

    VENGEANCE -- ANTONIO CESARO (c) vs. BRODUS CLAY [WWE United States Championship]

    Josh Matthews: And it's official! With his dominant victory in the Beat the Clock Series tonight, at Vengeance, the Funkasaurus will challenge will the WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro for the Gold!

    Michael Cole: Antonio Cesaro believes he's destined for greatness, but he's got a big challenge ahead of him, literally and figuratively, in Brodus Clay!

    Josh Matthews: Coming up next, we've got the Gauntlet Match Main Event we've been waiting all night for, to find out who, if anyone, will challenge Alberto del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Vengeance!

    Michael Cole: We learned earlier tonight that Smack Down's newest signing, Troy Arcade, would be competing, but after an unfortunate run-in with Del Rio, Booker T decided to put Arcade in the Main Event Match! This is an extremely rare opportunity for a superstar on their first night, and I don't expect the rookie to get one over on Del Rio, but anything can happen in the WWE!

    Josh Matthews: Can, and will! Folks, our Main Event is up next!

    UP NEXT -- ALBERTO DEL RIO (c) vs. TROY ARCADE (Gauntlet Match, Round 1)


    Commercial Break


    Alberto del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)

    Clearly annoyed, Alberto del Rio enters the arena, car-less tonight, as he walks down the ramp with Rodriguez trailing behind him. He pays no attention to the fans as he approaches the ring.

    Michael Cole: A huge match for Alberto del Rio tonight, but also for his opponent, Troy Arcade. The rookie has a chance to put on a standout performance tonight, and we'll see what he's all about.

    Josh Matthews: What's funny is Del Rio might be making the mistake of taking Arcade lightly. Despite being new, I've heard that guy is pretty talented.

    Troy Arcade

    Emerging onto the stage, Arcade can be seen stretching, exercising his wrists, and the like, preparing himself for the match ahead. Arcade is very intense in has walk to the ring, looking directly down the ramp with tremendous focus. As he reaches the ringside area he offers a few fans high-fives before jogging up the ramp. Once in the ring Arcade stretches against the ropes before moving to the center of the ring and simply raising one arm above his head.

    Josh Matthews: The Canadian-born Arcade says he always dreamed of enrolling in the Hart Family Dungeon, but unfortunately was unable to do so. Still, he's spent years on the independent circuits honing his skills, and he says being able to even set foot in the WWE is a huge honor for him.

    Michael Cole: While I'm sure the guy's good, there's a difference between the indies and the WWE. I think Alberto del Rio will without a doubt make short work of this guy.


    DING DING! Troy is entirely focused, not paying attention to anything but here and now, across the ring at his opponent in Alberto del Rio. Victory here would mean a World Heavyweight Championship Match in his first four weeks with the company. Del Rio taunts him, but Arcade keeps his head clear and knows not to fall for such tricks. The two lock-up, and Del Rio hits a swift kick to the gut in typical conivving fashion. Del Rio tries a Side Headlock, but Arcade counters out of it, pushing him towards the ropes! He follows it up with a couple of Knife-Edge Chops, the sound of which echoes throughout the arena, and the fans begin to cheer as the newcomer gets the upper hand on Del Rio here!

    Del Rio tries to battle back with a Clothesline, but Arcade ducks it and hits a German Suplex! Ricardo appears awe-struck outside the ring, wondering how some rookie could be taking it to Del Rio like this. Del Rio's back up, goes for a right hand, but Troy ducks that too, goes right into a Schoolboy Pin! One! Two! Almost scored a huge upset on the Champion! Arcade runs the ropes, but Del Rio finally manages to hit a high-impact move with a hard kick to the gut. He strikes with repeated knees to the face before grounding the rookie with a big DDT. Cover by Del Rio, one, two, kickout! Impressive resiliency there, kicking out at an early two. Del Rio grabs the arm and hits a few stiff shots, before performing a knee drop right to the left arm!

    Michael Cole: This is where Del Rio's at his best, when he can slowly and methodically work over an opponent, and you can see after Troy Arcade's impressive flurry of offense in the early going, the Champion has things under control now.

    Del Rio bends the arm, twisting it. He yanks on it, applying pressure, before going for an Armbreaker, which Arcade manages to block with a knee to the gut! He runs the ropes and scores with a dropkick to the side of the head, as Del Rio collapses to the mat! Tries the cover, can't afford to waste time! One, two, kickout! One hell of a pace here as Arcade grabs Del Rio's arm, bending it, and rolling into an Oklhoma Roll Pin! One, two, kickout again! Ricardo wills on Del Rio from the outside, and you can tell from the look on the Champion's face that he wasn't expecting this kind of fight.

    Del Rio hits a kick to the gut, and tries to follow up with a Suplex, only for Arcade to land on his feet. Arcade tries a Reverse Neckbreaker, but Del Rio blocks that, too. Del Rio turns around and grabs the arm, scoring with an Armbreaker! Arcade's left arm hits the mat and the weakening is beginning to take its toll now. Del Rio with some kicks to the arm, just wearing away at it now like a vulture picking apart his prey! He taunts the crowd, earning plenty of heat, though it might be stupid to allow his opponent any time to recover right now.

    Grabbing the arm, Del Rio tries to apply the Cocina Clutch, but Troy rolls to the side, despite the pain he's in! He springs to his feet, and Del Rio charges at him, but runs right into a SUPER KICK! Unbelievable! The arena comes unglued!

    Josh Matthews: No way! That Super Kick from out of nowhere! I'm out of words to describe this one right now!

    Michael Cole: Del Rio just ran right into that, there's no way, if this kid can make the cover we might actually see him beat Del Rio here!

    The crowd is fully behind the rookie as Troy falls to the mat, but struggles to crawl towards the cover! He gets an arm over, no way, are we going to see the most incredible upset in years? One! Two! Thre--JUST BARELY, DEL RIO KICKS OUT! Troy can't believe it! Rodriguez is shocked on the outside, almost losing his balance from the intensity of the near-fall!

    Both men struggle to stand, neither one wanting to give an inch. Del Rio strikes with a right hand! BOO! And Arcade strikes back! YA! Del Rio! BOO! YA! BOO! YA! BOO! YA! YA! YA! Arcade swings for a fourth, but Del Rio ducks it! Snaps him with the Inziguri! The Champ might do it here, Del Rio shoots the half, cover! One! Two! Kickout! How can that even be?! ADR is completely stunned, rolling over to his side on the mat, his hands to his forehead.

    Josh Matthews: I can't believe the match we're seeing here! I expected Del Rio to have the upper hand, but Troy Arcade, this newcomer, is giving him a run for his money! This is an athletic spectacle unlike anything we've seen in years here on Smack Down!

    Del Rio starts to get to his feet, still woozy, and rolls out of the ring. Deciding he's had it, he grabs the World Heavyweight Championship Belt and begins to make his way out of the arena, to massive heat from the fans. As he nears the ramp, Troy Arcade takes a chance and goes for a Plancha over the ropes! Takes him down on the outside - what a pop! A collision course on the outside as Troy takes down both Del Rio and Rodriguez!

    With some newfound momentum, he gets to his feet and rolls Del Rio into the ring. Leaps onto the ring apron, to the top - MOONSAULT! Del Rio gets the knees up! No way! The left arm takes the brunt of the damage as Del Rio is able to counter in an excellently timed move! Del Rio, perhaps on instinct alone, grabs the arm and locks it in - COCINA CLUTCH! He's got the armbar locked in tight!

    There's nowhere for Troy to go! He holds on as long as he can, but has no choice other than to submit!

    Winner @ 17:28: Alberto Del Rio

    Michael Cole: Del Rio takes the first one! But folks, let me be the first to congratulate Troy Arcade on one hell of a performance tonight! He came more than close to beating the World Champion tonight, and I'm sure even Del Rio realizes he was pushed to his limits!

    Josh Matthews: Yeah but if you're Del Rio, you've got no time to recover, there's still two more opponents to face and this match went on much longer than I'm sure he expected it to!

    Michael Cole: There’s hardly any time to rest for Del Rio as he prepares to face off with the second opponent in this Gauntlet, and with how hard it was for him to put Troy Arcade away, I’m not sure how much I like the Champion’s chances here.

    [Trying to get at least a minute or two to recoup, Del Rio turns his attention to the TitanTron, and the fans do the same.]

    Rey Mysterio

    The crowd goes wild for Rey Mysterio as his music hits on the P/A, and Rey wastes no time sprinting to the ring! He and Del Rio have faced one another many times before, which only gives Rey more of an advantage here as Del Rio’s already been in the ring for eighteen minutes.

    Michael Cole: If there was one man who could’ve made this worse for Alberto Del Rio than it already is, we’re looking at him! The look in Del Rio’s eyes tells the story; a completely fresh Rey Mysterio, who clearly isn’t looking to waste time tonight; I don’t think this is going to end well for the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Josh Matthews: Del Rio doesn’t seem pleased, but this crowd is loving it! Let’s not forget, these two men have faced one another dozens of times both on RAW, Smack Down, and Pay-Per-View, but not with such high stakes! If you’re Del Rio, you want to end this as quickly as possible because if you give Rey Mysterio a chance to build momentum, there’s no way you come back from it.


    DING DING! Round two of three here, and Rey Mysterio takes off as soon as the bell sounds, taking Del Rio down with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissor! The crowd pops as Del Rio tries to get to his feet, but Mysterio takes him down with a dropkick! You can see the look of concern on Rodriguez’s face as this is exactly what he was worried about! Mysterio goes for the cover, one, two! Del Rio kicks out, having had a little time to get back in this. Mysterio off the ropes, looks for the seated dropkick, but Del Rio moves out of the way. He grabs Mysterio by the legs and trips him to the mat, quickly shifting to go after the arm and trying to lock in the Cocina Clutch! But Mysterio’s wise, and rolls out of it, grabbing the ropes almost instantly. Del Rio tries to grab at him while he’s on the ropes, but Mysterio kicks him in the face, sending him back.

    Mysterio skins the cat onto the ring apron, and goes into a Springboard Clothesline! And the Champion Alberto Del Rio is reeling here! Mysterio hooks the legs, one! Two! Thr—DEL RIO KICKS OUT! Both guys back up here, Del Rio swings for a Clothesline, but Mysterio with a Baseball Slide through the legs! Rey hops back up here, goes for a Crossbody, but Del Rio counters it! Del Rio goes for a Reverse Facebuster, but Mysterio with the counter into a Bulldog! A huge pop for that entire exchange! Mysterio with the cover, one, two, three—no! Del Rio kicks out, but just barely!

    Michael Cole: How close was that?! Rey Mysterio was less than a second away from winning this here!

    Josh Matthews: I mean these two men are capable of wrestling very similar styles, but to expect Del Rio to be able to move at the speed and pace of Mysterio right now is just crazy. This is something else!

    Mysterio exits to the ring apron, and Ricardo Rodriguez grabs his leg while the Referee is distracted, checking on Del Rio. The crowd boos instantly, but Mysterio kicks Rodriguez in the face, knocking him back to a big pop! Mysterio springboards here, West Coast Pop! And he scores with it! Rodriguez, in a moment of desperation, climbs on the ring apron. The Referee gets in his face, ordering him to get down and threatening to remove him from the ringside area as the crowd continues to boo. And Mysterio takes Rodriguez off the apron with a huge Dropkick! Rey has brought his A-Game and more tonight!

    Del Rio takes advantage of the distraction with an Armbreaker! Rey Mysterio let himself get thrown off too easily; Del Rio applies the Cocina Clutch here! Mysterio with no choice but to tap out!

    Winner @ 26:00: Alberto Del Rio

    Michael Cole: Del Rio does it a second time! Thanks to Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio just scored a huge victory over Rey Mysterio! It’s possible the Champ could actually do it here!

    [“You Suck” chants begin to fill the arena as Del Rio gets to his feet and the Referee helps Mysterio out of the ring. With only one competitor left, Del Rio asks for a microphone.]

    Alberto del Rio: Well come on then, let’s bring out the final hombre who will lose just like the first two! Despite the unfair circumstances I was placed in, I’ve still managed to demonstrate greatness! So come on, bring out the last one!


    “Feed…Me…More…” The crowd goes ballistic as Del Rio’s facial expression describes the situation perfectly. The undefeated Ryback enters the arena, sweat dripping from his forehead from the intensity, as he flexes on the stage and pyro explodes from the stage.

    Michael Cole: You gotta be kidding me! This can’t be! What the hell is Booker T thinking?!

    Josh Matthews: It’s Ryback! I did not see this coming! Del Rio said to bring out the last unfortunate superstar, and something tells me this wasn’t what he had in mind!

    Michael Cole: I mean, Ryback has never lost a match! How is this even fair? I mean, Rey Mysterio was bad enough, but Ryback?! The man’s an animal!


    DING DING! “Feed Me More!” chants throughout the arena universally, even if the fans aren’t completely sold on Ryback, the pure spectacle of seeing him as Del Rio’s final opponent tonight has won them over. Del Rio looks to Rodriguez who has just started to recover as Ryback just stares a hole through both of them. Del Rio offers to shake Ryback’s hand, offering a truce. Ryback looks to the crowd, where they boo unanimously. He shakes Del Rio’s hand, and the Champion grins, but not for long, as Ryback won’t let go, and lifts him up into—SHELLSHOCKED! Smack dab in the center of the ring! And Ryback with the cover, one, two, three!

    Winner @ 27:00: Ryback

    Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen…I don’t know how to describe what we’ve just seen. This was an annihilation of Alberto Del Rio who stood zero chance of overcoming Ryback after wrestling for twenty-six minutes.

    [Ryback grabs the World Heavyweight Championship Belt and looks at it, with a burning look in his eyes as he stands over Alberto Del Rio. He leads the crowd in a “Feed Me More” chant while Ricardo watches on...]

    Josh Matthews: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but with this win, Ryback has just become the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship...no paid vacation for Alberto Del Rio tonight.

    Michael Cole: We could very well be looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion...

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