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    Benny "The Jet" Idol


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    Benny "The Jet" Idol Empty Benny "The Jet" Idol

    Post  bennyidol6433 on Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:37 pm

    Contract Signing

    Name: Benny Idol
    Ring Name: (Uses his real name)
    Nick Name (optional):The Jet
    Hometown: San Diego, California

    Bio (brief, keep this around like 200 words or less): With his flashy move-set and charismatic personality, he started his wrestling career with the USWF in Warwick, Rhode Island. Wining both tag and single titles and many awards, he decided to turn to the big leagues where he knows he can show his opponents the flashy side of sports entertainment!

    Preferred Moves, Common Moveset, etc (optional):suplexes, high flying, dirty moves (eye rakes, groin shots, etc.) and many submissions.
    Finishing Move: The Benny Bomb (an elbow drop where before he leaps, quotes a famous line from today's popular hits)

    Ring Style:flashy, techincal, show-off

    Theme Music:Rebel Yell by Billy Idol

    Entrance (optional):
    Mr. McMahon
    Mr. McMahon

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    Benny "The Jet" Idol Empty Re: Benny "The Jet" Idol

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:40 am

    After review by both myself and the Board of Directors, we have come to the decision that you are worthy of an opportunity. However, you best not screw this up!

    With your acceptance, I request, no, demand, that you establish yourself in the Superstar Profile Section, so myself and others can get an idea of what you're all about.

    -- Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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