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    Make YOUR Superstar Relevant! - Points System V1.0 - Details

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    Make YOUR Superstar Relevant! - Points System V1.0 - Details Empty Make YOUR Superstar Relevant! - Points System V1.0 - Details

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:15 pm


    We're all here for entertainment, and to see our Created Characters interact in a world alongside Professional WWE Superstars. Every week, shows will be posted that will feature just this, including Monthly Pay-Per-Views on top of that.

    In order to make things as awesome as possible for all of the members, I need to know (as do the other writers) what kind of things people want to see, and how they would like to see it done. In addition, we need to know how you feel about the shows and what things you liked, as well as what things you didn't like.

    This is where the Point System comes in. Each time you comment on an Episode of RAW or Smack Down, you will receive 5 (five) points. Pay-Per-Views will earn you 5 (five) points as well. WWE Superstars episodes (as they are shortened and not much other than ways to keep mid-card to low-card superstars relevant while we find a way to work them into the storylines, will only earn you 1 (one) point.

    The Point System as a whole is a new concept, but it's something we tried doing on the previous (WWE Legacy) e-Fed, and it worked to an extent. You can use these points to unlock all sorts of Character Rewards, such as Title Shots, Main Events, etc.; things that will make your character more important. In other words, by being active and offering your thoughts, you allow your character to become more well-known at the same time.

    To see what types of prizes are available in this way, head over to the Prize Corner, located in the Blast Zone, where you can find out all sorts of cool boosts for your Superstar and/or Diva.

    -- Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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