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    "The Killa Queen" Talia Skye


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    "The Killa Queen" Talia Skye Empty "The Killa Queen" Talia Skye

    Post  cyborg878 on Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:58 pm

    Name: Talia Skye

    Nicknames: True Beauty, The Killa Queen

    Face/Heel: Edgy Face

    Weight: 127 pounds

    Height: 5 ft 7

    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Resides: San Diego, California

    Gimmick: Even though she is no longer a heel Talia is still a ruthless bitch. She will use her hand mirror if absolutely necessary, but only on those who truly deserve it.

    Pic Base: Angelina Love

    Appearance: See Angelina Love

    Street Clothes:
    1. A black and red dress with black heels

    2. Black heeled boots with black skinnies, a belly top, with a lace top over it, and fingerless gloves.

    Entrance and Ring Attire: [Only admins are allowed to see this image][Only admins are allowed to see this image]In various colour combinations. She also wears a matching hooded vest to the ring.

    Personality: To those she cares about she is loving, protective, friendly. To those she respects she is kind and polite. To those she hates she is the biggest bitch in the world.

    Bio: Talia Skye was born into a wealthy family. She was, the spoiled girl. She was every bit the sterotypical, rich, snobby narcissist. By the time she turned 18 she was already training under the guidance of Lance Storm. After two years of training and working in Canada's Indy scene, she trained for a few months in Mexico to learn some lucha style moves, before setting off for Japan promotions. She has been known for her viciousness in the ring and her dirty tactics. Known for usually resorting to smashing her silver hand mirror (which she brings to the ring) over her opponents head. She no longer acts spioled or snobby and is known to donate a lot of her money to various charities.

    Wrestlers Alligned With: Currently N/A
    Wrestling Style: Hardcore, High Flying, Submission

    Finishing Moves

    DDG ( Drop Dead Gorgeous): Hairflip/ Snap Double Arm DDT

    Clear Skyes: Houston Hangover/Flipping Guillotine Leg Drop

    Botox Injection: Running Bicycle Kick

    Signature Moves

    Springboard Clothesline
    Canadian Maple Leaf
    Silver Spoon/Beauty Mark ( X-Factor)
    Skye Dive (Springboard Moonsault)
    Blonde Ambition (Inverted Backbreaker)
    Re-TALIA-tion: Michinoku Driver

    Basic Moveset

    Curb Stomp
    Running corner boot (to a seated or standing opponent)
    Japanese Arm Drags
    Dropkick (front, missle)
    Springboard Moonsault DDT
    Springboard Hurricanrana
    Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors
    Boston Crab
    Flying Crossbody Block
    DDT( Single Arm, Double Arm, Normal, Tornado, Reverse)
    Monkey Flip
    Wheelbarrow Bulldog
    Lou Thez Press

    Theme Music: "Killer Queen" - Dale Oliver

    Entrance: "Killer Queen" by Dale Olive plays and Talia walks on stage with a black rose and a silver hand mirror in hand. She lifts the mirror up, and walks down the ramp smiling at fans along the way. She even stops to hold up the mirror to several female fans and tells them they are truly beautiful. She walks around the ring until she gets to where her corner is. She places the rose and mirror in her corner before she climbs onto the apron. She enters the ring slowly over the second rope. She climbs the second rope on the opposite side of the ride and points to the crowd. She goes to her corner and waits for the match to start
    Mr. McMahon
    Mr. McMahon

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    "The Killa Queen" Talia Skye Empty Re: "The Killa Queen" Talia Skye

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:00 pm

    After review by both myself and the Board of Directors, we have come to the decision that you are worthy of an opportunity. However, you best not screw this up!

    With your acceptance, I request, no, demand, that you establish yourself in the Superstar Profile Section, so myself and others can get an idea of what you're all about.

    -- Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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