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    Tyler Brownlee


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    Tyler Brownlee Empty Tyler Brownlee

    Post  Lonewolf on Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:50 am

    Name: Tyler Brownlee
    Ring Name: Tyler Brownlee (Sometimes shortened to just Brownlee)
    Nick Name (optional):
    Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 147 lbs.

    Bio (brief, keep this around like 200 words or less): Real-life close friend of Leon Lonewolf, Brownlee was the one who introduced Lonewolf to pro wrestling. Brownlee tends to be silly and random, but he is ruthless, agressive, and determined to victory.

    Preferred Moves, Common Moveset, etc (optional):
    Whisper in the Wind
    Hip Toss
    Leg Drop
    Elbow Drop
    Reverse Chinlock
    Chop Block
    Reverse Elbow
    Shining Wizard
    Scoop Powerslam

    Finishing Move:
    Brownlification (Leg Sweep DDT)

    Ring Style: High-Flying, Technician

    Theme Music: either "From Ashes of Sin" by EndeverafteR or "Enemy" by 12 Stones (depending on the alignment you choose, Vinny O'Mac)

    Entrance (optional): Depends on the theme
    Mr. McMahon
    Mr. McMahon

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    Tyler Brownlee Empty Re: Tyler Brownlee

    Post  Mr. McMahon on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:01 pm

    After review by both myself and the Board of Directors, we have come to the decision that you are worthy of an opportunity. However, you best not screw this up!

    With your acceptance, I request, no, demand, that you establish yourself in the Superstar Profile Section, so myself and others can get an idea of what you're all about.

    -- Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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